Les Misérables (English subs) part 9

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It smells quite nasty in here.
This is where the sewers end.
All the dung from Paris ends in here.
It appears to be a robbers' den.
Do people live here? - Well, a bunch of murderers, yes.
The gang of Potron-Minet. You will see.
I've got a job for you. If you promise to do what
I tell you to do, it won't be much of an effort.
We aren't frightened easily. But we will take him by surprise.
Do exactly as I tell you to do. - Go to mademoiselle Gorbeau.
If monsieur Favre and his daughter arrive early...
...well think of something.
But make sure they don't visit the Jondrettes.
And what about you?
We'll have enough time.
The Potron-Minet gang never leaves before dark.
Why should we wait? You know their hiding place.
If we catch them in the middle of the act, the punishment will be much more severe.
You, being a future lawyer, should know about that.
I'm not concerned about their conviction. I want to prevent monsieur Favre...
Can you handle this thing?
I'm sure I can. But I'd rather not try.
You will need it. You are a part of my plan.
It's your plan, not mine. I'm not called to become a policeman.
It's not about your mission, it's about your duty as a citizen to help the police.
Citizens have a freedom of opinion. And I think...
I know what you think. I know what kind of plans you and your henchmen...
... are making in the cafe Musain.
And you'll all be arrested on conspiracy against the State.
It's your choice: with me or against me.
What should I do?
Don't rush.
The moment you think monsieur Favre is in danger...
... you shoot into the air. We'll be hiding in the street.
After your shot we'll open the door by force and catch them in the middle of the act.
These things excite you, don't they?
Our family consists of hunters. Man hunters of course.
I've never been able to accept that my father was forced...
... to sell his dogs, horses and grounds.
He was the victim of an impostor that I caught...
... and sent to labour camp.
He died there. I was with him.
Gavroche, has Jondrette arrived yet?
Yes, and six criminals hiding behind the curtains.
As soon as he arrives, they'll jump on him.
There, monsieur Favre arrives.
Did he arrive together with his daughter? - No, alone.
I'll give you 200. So you can breath more easily.
Do you think so?
Is there anything else I can do for you? - Sure there is.
I'm not rich, but I'm clever.
The drama has ended. You didn't forget me, did you?
Did you come here to make my life even harder?
You miserable one!
But villains have sick children.
How dare you calling me a villain? Because you're rich and I'm not?
Because I didn't get a single slice of bread, but the rich eat truffles the whole time...
... with expensive asparagus in January, green peas, strawberries and chicken...
... juice dishes of which I don't even know how they're called?
If you want to find out if it's cold or not, you read the paper.
We feel the cold in our bodies.
We feel the cold via the blood in our veins...
... when it passes through our heart.
And you look for us in our dungeons and call us scum.
But we, the poor, we say: There's no god for us, so there's none for you either.
Nobody will protect you the day we will come and hunt you down.
And we'll while our mouths with your banknotes.
But now, I want some money, much money.
Or I'll kill you. And don't try to trick me by saying you spent it all on Cosette.
Because I'm the one that taught her to life without a thing.
The life of Cosette started when I arrived. She forgot all about you Thenardier!
He was calling him Thenardier, just like the sergeant.
No, no, this is not possible.
It doesn't matter, he's a bastard. Just pull the trigger.
You don't understand.
Thenardier saved the life of my father.
Everywhere I was looking for him, but he's my neighbour.
I can't do it, Gavroche. I can't shoot.
It appears to be quite a scene there.
We'll wait for the signal. That's what we agreed on.
If we don't catch them in the act, they won't be sentenced to life imprisonment.
I ant them in the labour camp for good. You know the effect of provisional punishments:
Recidivists, like Jean Valjean.
Write to your daughter that she'll come over here with all of your money.
Release one hand.
And if I refuse to do so? - Well, I'll tickle you with this.
I want to smell some money, not a roasted pig. Heat it up again.
It would suit the little monster much better. - You stay away from her
No, I already did.
But Bigrenaille and Claquesous can't wait to be next.
Go look for her together with Ponine. - But where do they live?
We'll ask the hypocrites of St. -Vincent-de-Paul.
They'll never tell you. - I'll tell them my sister is dying...
... and you should buy her medicines.
If you touch Cosette only once, I'll kill you.
Forgive me, father.
Come on, you.
We need to help my father. - No, away you.
Inspector Javert, State security. Surrender, you are arrested.
To through the window up the roof.
No, not Javert.
Everybody freeze.
To the corridor, all of you.
Tell me, Pontmercy, how well do you know that monsieur Favre?
What do you mean?
I don't know him quite well. But why do you ask?
The least he could have done, was thank me. But he disappeared.
After the consternation, he probably didn't want to talk to anybody.
He was so touched that he jumped out of the window and ran away.
If you happen to see him again, I'd like to know about it.
I'll keep you informed.
Yes, I know it's in the most of your interests.
And those of your friends at the cafe Musain.
Keep on walking.
So your father... - He was wounded at Waterloo.
He wouldn't have survived if Thenardier would have carried him...
... on his back to the field hospital. The...
...moment my father regained consciousness...
... Thenardier had left. He probably couldn't wait to see his family again.
I don't understand your father. Why would he left his son live in this ghetto?
He didn't know about it. To safe me from his bonapartistic ideas...
... my grandfather took me away from him.
If I tell you everything I know, would you...
...put in good word for me when they judge me?
After being convicted for traffic in children ...
... you are now charged with attempt for murder, assault...
... conspiracy and blackmailing.
I'm right: once a villain, always a villain.
So don't expect me to show you some...
...sympathy. I don't sympathize with your kind.
But if you want to relieve your heart: don't hesitate.
Favre isn't called Favre for real.
Oh really? So what is his name?
I don't remember.
Too bad. You started of quite nice.
The moment you arrived at my inn, you were talking about a former convict.
You mean Valjean? Jean Valjean?
Yes, Favre is Valjean. And his supposed daughter, she's Cosette.
Are you very sure about this? - I am.
Because of him, I've spend 5 years in prison. And who knows what I'll get now.
You should have followed him.
But now he's probably afraid that I'll talk too much. He'll disappear.
I'm sure you have an idea.
Horrible, isn't it? That fact that you need me.
You aren't very lucky yourself, me neither by the way.
I don't have the slightest idea.
The head of police is pleased with you having caught the sewer gang.
Anyway, a part of it.
But now you demand for extreme means to arrest Valjean.
I wouldn't count on it. - Why not?
You know that yourself.
Your assignment is: infiltrate in student organizations.
The Sorbonne university is a hotbed. Don't...
...you hear what these anarchists are planning?
Yes, the students are somewhat troubled.
But what if all this leads to a revolt? One spark can do the trick.
But you are hunting a former convict.
There's no hierarchy in evil.
There is at the police. Perform your orders.
Within a week I want a list of names.
I've got one name already: the young baron Marius Pontmercy.
A baron?
Very good, so no one can blame us we just catch the plebs.
Really, Enjolras, Javert was threatening me.
Very well, this means the masters take us serious now.
The king and the law are afraid of us!
That's great news. - Didn't we want to spoil their games?
But what if we're caught? - We'll go into hiding.
You can. But Javert knows where I live.
Terminate the lease and come live with me. But don't tell anyone.
I'm not mad. - But you're in love.
That's true. But I don't even know where Cosette lives.
house with garden ... for sale or for rent
Wake up easy, little child. Toussaint will bring us breakfast.
Who's Toussaint anyway?
An unfortunate man. But I won't bother you with all of his stories.
He's mute.
This is such a large house that we need a servant.
I presume our names will change again?
I've been mademoiselle Leblancs, Favre and Fauchelevent.
Who will I become now?
I know it Cosette.
You don't understand. But one day, you will.
I understood already. - Really?
You change your name, as soon as your wealth changes.
Sometimes you're poor, sometimes you're rich.
This is because of the fluctuation of the stock-market.
Stock-market? - Yes, where you've put your savings.
You thought this up very well.
I needed an explanation for the escapes, our metamorphosis's...
... and your sometimes obscure behaviour...
... of which you suffer so much. But I love you.
Toussaint, give me a hand.
Go, help my father.
There are no wild animals that can attack me in a garden in Paris.