GLEE Stars Lea Michele & Cory Monteith Gleek Out at Comic-Con!

Uploaded by younghollywood on 17.07.2012

LM: I did see the cast of Game of Thrones in our lobby and I followed Rob Stark out
of the hotel.
NN: Here with Leah Michelle who is looking absolutely gorgeous. I know you just came
from a fan, was it a fan panel?
LM: Oh, we did our signing.
NN: How are the fans here a Comic-Con different from fans everywhere else? Are they crazier?
Besides them wearing costumes!
LM: You know, we have such die-hard Glee fans, so they’re always just, like, super enthusiastic,
so sweet, and just really excited to, you know, meet us and we’re so excited to meet
them as well.
NN: Because speaking of fans, who are you the biggest fan of? Like who do you geek out
over the most? Singer or movie or TV show?
LM: I’d say, right now, I mean obviously Barbra Streisand, but I did see the cast of
Game of Thrones in our lobby and I followed Rob Stark out of the hotel.
NN: I’m sure he absolutely did not mind that at all! Did he see?
LM: No, he didn’t notice.
NN: He didn’t notice? Too bad, somebody should have pointed it out because he probably
would have been very happy to see that!
NN: Yes, here with Cory Monteith. In the Green Lantern; he called me out from the beginning.
CM: Green Lantern!
NN: Some people didn’t even know who I was here!
CM: How can you not know?! It’s the Green Lantern!
NN: I have no idea! Well, ok if I was going to grant you any wish or any super power what
would it be?
CM: The ability to stop time.
NN: Where would you stop it?
CM: I would just stop it, and then I would like walk into a concert that I couldn’t
get into and then start time again.
NN: Who would the concert be?
CM: Who would the concert be?
NN: I can’t imagine you couldn’t get in anywhere.
CM: Well, you never know! Maybe like a really awesome Radiohead show where there’s only
a hundred people at the performance.
NN: Ok well speaking of awesome music, what song do you sing out loud to in your car the
most? What’s the most repeated song?
CM: Oooh, that’s a hard question! Umm, it might be Radiohead. I’m a huge Radiohead
fan. I love “Let Down” off of OK Computer.
NN: That’s a good one.
CM: It’s one of many of my favorites.
NN: That’s a good one.
NN: So if you were to come here and dress up in costume who would you secretly like
to dress up as?
LM: I would be Khaleesi from Game of Thrones.
NN: I’m sensing a Game of Thrones theme going.
LM: Oh yeah. For sure.
NN: So do you TiVo? Do you watch it?
LM: Oh yeah, I’m obsessed!
NN: And you’re all caught up?
LM: Yes.
NN: And have you read the books?
LM: Yes.
NN: Oh my gosh!
LM: Yeah, I’m hardcore!
NN: She’s right on it! So, there should be a cross-collaboration between Glee and
Game of Thrones.
LM: Maybe I’ll just pop up there on, like, The Wall somewhere. Like, you have to know
the show. See I’m sorry that was ...
NN: Well I’ve interviewed some of the cast.
LM: Oh, ok ok.
NN: I don’t want to brag or anything!
LM: I love it so much!
NN: So this season coming up – obviously there’s so much speculation – such a tearjerker
at the end of the last season. How surprised are you when you read the scripts from season
to season? Do they surprise you, or do you sort of see where things are going?
LM: Umm, well we .. If its anything major we generally get hints about the major stuff
that’s going to happen. I knew that they were going to break us up, but I didn’t
think it was going to be that painful. Umm, but, you know, I’m real excited for this
NN: So coming up this season, I know last season, tearjerker, really really emotional.
Do you think there’s going to be a lot of tears, or is there going to be more joy for
Finn this season?
CM: I think it’s going to be both! I think its going to be 50/50. A lot of struggle,
a lot of heartache, but I think a lot of pay-off.
NN: That’s a pretty even split.
CM: It’s pretty good. It’s well balanced. I think this is truly a renaissance this year
for Glee.
NN: Well if it gets too sad for you, I can grant any wish. I’ll come back and I’ll
be out.
CM: That’s awesome, thank you.
NN: Thanks so much.
CM: Thank you.