Paint James Hetfield (Metallica) Step by Step Dry Brush Portrait Painting

Uploaded by kazanjianm on 03.08.2011

bjbjLULU This is my first step by step painting video. The subject is James Hetfield from
Metallica and were going to do a drybrush portrait. You'll need watercolor paper, black
oil paint, mineral spirits, a kneaded eraser and some bristle brushes. The supply list
and a cheat sheet to this painting is listed on my website, so be sure to hit the link
in the video description. I'm still going to lead you through this process step by step.
To begin, you will need a pencil. Step 1: Draw the shape that you see. It sort of looks
like a caption cloud. Step 2: Add the four shapes that you see for the eyes and eyebrows.
Notice how they fit in to the shape from step one. Step 3: Add the trapezoidal shape. The
bottom of this shape will be the mouth line. Step 4: is not as tricky as it looks. The
mouth and the moustache make a mushroom shape and the nose connects the eye shape to the
mushroom shape. The space in between the two shapes is for a shadow. Step 5: Add the shape
for the top of the hair. If this was the 1980's you would need bigger paper. Step 6: No! That's
not hard! It all depends on how you look at it......Your welcome. Step 7: Draw the other
hand. Step 8: Draw the shirt line. Step 9: Complete the shape of the head and add the
C shape for the ear. Use the eye shape as a guide to where she C shape is drawn. Step
10: Add the highlight shape by the mouth. Step 11: Is the trickiest shape. Here is a
close up to help you. Spend some extra time to observe the placement of each shape and
then draw. Step 12: Is optional. If you wish, add the shading for the hand. Know that the
placement of this shading does not have to be perfect. hm@5 This is my first
step by step painting
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