Mahabharat - Episode 29

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Underhand methods result in tragedy
However, if Truth is on one's side then Religion...
...will also side with you
There are two types of politics:
One based on the treasury...
...and the other based on Truth
One serves the King's personal interests...
...while the other serves the nation
The aim of the first is to be on the throne forever...
...while the aim of the second is to...
...remain in the hearts of the people
Both these alternatives can be seen clearly... the politics of Hastinapur
Duryodhan, under the guidance of Shakuni... walking along the first road
Yuddhistir follows his duty along the other road
Durodhan has the Royal Treasury...
...while Yuddhistir has Religion
ln that sense, Mahabharat is the story of...
...the conflict between Materialism and philosophy
When the story finally ends...
...people will realize on which of the two roads... must walk
But listen to what Gandhari has to say
Come Kunti. Sit
My respects!
May you live long!
May you shine!
How did you think of your Elder Mother today?
l am so glad to hear that your popularity...
...has transcended that of your ancestors
Remember, popularity is a king's most powerful weapon
lt is only your shield
The king who has this weapon and shield...
...can never be defeated
Your blessing is my weapon... well as my shield
Sit, my son!
As you wish!
Aren't Kunti's blessings enough for you?
My mother's blessings l distribute...
...among my brothers
l'll give you another blessing today
May God grant that you never go against your Elder Father
What are you saying?
l felt like blessing you thus... l blessed you
Obeying my Elder Father is my duty
l give you my word that l will never fail in my duty
Kunti, you are lucky to have got a son like this
lt is also my good luck to...
...have got a brother-in-law like the king...
...a sister-in-law like you...
...and a home like Hastinapur
l shall always worship these three
...fear seems to be looming over me
This fear has no specific shape...
...or reason or direction
Which is why it frightens me all the more
Greetings Purochan!
What's this? Why stand up for me?
For two reason:
Because you are elder to me
As a creator, you are a part of God himself
This is Purochan...
...who is making the house of wax at Varnavat
Come now. Pay your respects
May you live long
Please be seated
Thank you
Today, l'll give you a wine made from Gandhar's grapes
So, what news of the Varnavat house?
lt is complete
Will one spark be enough for it?
A spark!
Half a spark will be enough to reduce it to ashes
Very good Purochan!
History will remember you...
...along with the house you have built
lf you have made exactly the kind of house...
...that Uncle wanted...
...then you will be amply rewarded
So much so that the wealth...
...will last you for many generations
Thank you
You must be tired
Rest a little
Take him to the guest house
l do not agree with this house of wax
This is a cowardly act
We should defeat the Pandavas in battle
The way Dhrupad was defeated?
l cannot be a party to this cowardice
You were saying, Duryodhan...
...that you have total faith in Karna...
...that he will give his life for you
But he is unwilling to play the first game of politics
l am not a gambler to play games
l am a warrior
Politics is not a game of Dice for me
Then what game is it, King of Anga?
Do not insult me by calling me King of Anga
This crown is not the basis of my friendship
l will always be Duryodhan's friend
But every person has a right to follow his own Ethics
Do not insult me by removing this Crown
You are the King of Anga and so, you'll be called that
l, too, will call you that
This Crown suits you
My dear friend
lf you are really my friend...
...never call me the King of Anga
Whether l remain the King or not...
...l will always be your friend
You will always be my friend
However, your anger is always...
...on the surface
Forgive me, Uncle
That's all right, my son
lt is not your fault but that of your youth
Let us now prepare to welcome...
...the Pandavas from their victory tour
l have heard that Bhim has studied...
...mace warfare from Balram
What else could he have learnt?
Poor Balram must be tired by now
Come friend
Why are you panting Vasudha?
l ran all the way
You should not run
l ran from Balram's anger
ls Brother angry?
Then you face him Rukmini
Okay. You go
But why is Brother angry?
He needs no reasons
His anger visits him like an unwanted visitor
Have l done something?
No. lt's not you
Then have l...
No, my dear. You are the darling of this house
Then why this anger?
Tell me, are the Pandavas related to us or not?
What are you saying?
Tell me, how are they related to us?
They are Aunt Kunti's sons
So, they are our aunt's sons
Then why are they returning to Hastinapur...
...without coming... Dwarka
Shouldn't they have...
...come here?
But Bhim was here
He had come to learn the mace not to meet us
But then why didn't Arjun come?
What about the twins?
Don't they need our blessings?
But they are on a victory tour
How can they come to Dwarka?
Had they come, Brother would have been angry!
How dare they attack Dwarka?
Bless them, Brother, that they are victorious
l'll have to bless them
How can you bless them when you are angry
First, smile...
...and bless them with victory
Of course, they will be victorious
How was it?
See for yourself
How's everyone at Dwarka?
Everyone's fine
The food was ever better
Then you must be very happy
Which means mother does not feed you properly
You are distorting my words. Don't tell mother or...
l don't want to be beaten by you...
...for doing that
l'll tell her that you ate well but were not happy
Why talk of food?
But that is the truth
Without you mother would not be happy feeding us
And we would not be happy eating
This is the end result
That's very good
l had heard in Dwarka that...
...Duryodhan has emptied the royal treasury
He is a large-hearted fellow
But there is no place in his heart for the likes of us
Friend Duryodhan
Come friend
When did you return?
What's it? You seem to be very happy
l have good news
Share the news with me
Come sit
Whatever Uncle Shakuni says...
...treachery does not befit warriors
A decision is made...
...when the maces spout fire...
...when arrows collide
When the blood of one warrior...
...mixes with that of another
You are a brave warrior
The wax house does not befit you
This does not mean that...
...l'll desert you
Because that is impossible
l am your shadow which will...
...not leave you even in darkness
My fate is linked to yours
lf a brave man like you...
...kills his opponent by treachery...
...he will never be able to face his soul
The Soul is not a battle field from where... can run away
l am silent...
...because l will always side with you...
...because you have...
...honored me with friendship...
...knowing l was a charioteer's son
Cowards are of different tribes...
...but all brave men belong to one tribe
lf this is true, then the Pandavas are of our tribe
There is no doubt about their bravery
So, they must be killed in battle
Don't you consider...
...the wax house a strategy?
But do not lose sight of the final battle
That is the good news
lf there is a battle...
...the King of Magadh, Shalva Shishupal will side with us
Even Rukmi will have to side with us...
...because he is unhappy with...
...Rukmini's kidnapping
Congratulations King of Anga
l, too, have good news
Duyodhan has won Ashwathama's heart
lf he sides with us...
...his father Dronacharya will also side with us...
...because he cannot battle against his son
Which means...
Kripacharya will also side with us
As for Uncle Bhishma...
...if there is war...
...he will have to fight for us
Then why so we need the wax house?
The army has Grandsire...
...Sage Drona...
...Kripacharya, Aswathama...
...King of Magadh, Jarasandh...
...Chedi Prince Shishuapal...
...Vidarbha Prince Rukmi...
...will be undefeatable
When the child in you...
...grows up... will realize the need for the wax house
Language is like an arrow, my child
The arrow which can kill a coward...
...can also pierce the chest...
...of a brave man and kill him
Which is why l want...
...this war to end in the wax house...
...before it reaches the battlefield
Prime minister Vidur is here, my king
You all leave now
My respects
Come Vidur
The king has not called you today
Your brother has called you
Come sit next to me
Thank you, my king
How is Grandsire?
Very well by God's grace
We brothers...
l am the son of a maid
Whether the pot is of gold or mud...
...the water of the Ganges is the same
The mother is not a pot
The seed has no significance...
...unless the Earth receives it
lt cannot grow in a vacuum
lf the Earth had no meaning...
...why would God make it?
We are sons of the motherland
Being a maid does not lower my mother's position
My mother is my identification
Man should never lose...
...his sense of identification
That is why l like you Vidur
Your thinking is very dear
Any news of the Pandavas?
l hear that Bhim...
...has learnt the mace from Balram
l hear the brothers are now returning
What should l do after they return?
Should l crown Yuddhistir and go to the forest?
Or should l wait for the coronation?
You know how stubborn Duryodhan is
He has still not understood that...
...Yuddhistir was the correct choice
Wouldn't it be right to...
...give him some more time?
You have to take that decision
ln fact, you have already taken the decision... send Yuddhistir to Varnavat...
...when the Pandavas return
Who told you that?
The whole city knows of it
Then tell me what you think?
Should l send him or not?
Shakuni must have advised you...
...after some thought
lt is the festival of Lord Shiva
People participate... large numbers
Let them all see their Crown Prince
But l think Yuddhistir should not go alone
People may think there is no unity... the royal family
Send Duryodhan or Dushshasan ... that people will see..
...there is unity in the family
Or you could go yourself and...
...introduce him to the people
That will be a good play
People think that... chose Yuddhistir under pressure...
...though you wanted Duryodhan
These doubts are not good...
...for the future of politics
The people should trust their king completely
lf you take it on yourself... can purify the atmosphere
That's a good idea
l'll think about it
What's the problem?
Ministers always have problems
l know those problems
This is different
Looks like the king said something...
...which is worrying you
How do you know?
l have been your wife for so long
Don't l know the difference?
You have been worrying after your palace visit
Obviously, the worry stems from there
lt has come from the palace
You are right
l don't understand why...
...Shakuni wants to send Yuddhistir to Varnavat
l am sure there is something foul...
...about the plan
Dear Duryodhan
We both think alike
l, too, want what you want
But l cannot do anything...
...because l am surrounded by people:
Grandsire, Vidur...
...Dronacharya and the citizens
And all of them are...
...on Yuddhistir's side
Whatever is to be done... and Shakuni will have to do it
You had asked me to send Yuddhistir to Varnavat
When l spoke to Vidur he said...
...there is no problem in that...
...but l should accompany him
ln case l cannot go...
...l should send you or Dushshasan
How can that be, father?
That's what l am saying
That's why, whatever you do... it very carefully
l am taking the greatest care, father
Just arrange to send Yuddhistir to Varnavat
Why do you and Shakuni insist on it?
What's the mystery?
Forget that. lf you do this... will make me very happy..
...and get me the crown
l'll ask Grandsire
Hail Grandsire
Why are you here so late?
The king is here
The king! Here? Who else is with him?
The king is alone
Why did you take the trouble?
lf the matter was so urgent... should have called me
You are the king
You should not bow to anyone but God
Have l lost the right to your love after...
...becoming the king?
Am l not the Dhritirashtra...
...who learned to walk holding your fingers
Sit down
Now tell me what's the problem?
The problem is...
...many people feel that...
...l do not wish to crown Yuddhistir
People feel that l am...
...on my son Duryodhan's side
To end the suspicion...
...l want to send Yuddhistir... Varnavat as Hastinapur's...
...representative... that people will know that their next king is...
You are right
l also feel that l should...
...send Duryodhan with Yuddhistir so that...
...all doubts are cleared...
...once and for all
People will also realize...
...that Duryodhan has accepted Yuddhistir
The king's duty is...
...not to fear his people
The king's duty is to love his people
lt does not befit a king to fear his people
Hence, Duryodhan should not accompany Yuddhistir
Send Yuddhistir... Varnavat when the Pandavas return
As you wish
l shall do...
...exactly that
Hail Pandavas!
The Pandavas are paying their respect
Live long!
They wish to present the wealth they have conquered
The treasury is gone but these fellows...
...have come back richer
You don't know Yuddhistir
Keep quiet and watch
Hail Yuddhistir
My king
The Pandavas have kept the wealth... your feet
l am very happy... learn that you have returned wealthy
Hold a celebration for their victory
From the prisoners... that they bless...
...these sons with a long life
Feed the priests so that...
...they bless them with victory
May you prosper with this wealth
What wealth, my king?
The wealth that you have brought back
That wealth is at your feet
lt belongs to Hastinapur
My son
You are large-hearted but...
...this wealth is yours
To whom do we belong?
We belong to you and you to Hastinapur
So, this wealth is Hastinapur's
For us the blessings of Sage Drona...
...Sage Kripa and yourself... the true wealth
You are the Crown Prince...
...and soon you will be the king
Your Fate is taking you in that direction
And so is your Action
You have to fulfill one task as Crown Prince
You have to represent Hastinapur... Lord Shiva's festival at Varnavat
This is the tradition
Hastinapur had no Crown Prince for a long time
But now you are there
So, go to the festival this year...
...and meet the people
Give the people... opportunity to see their king
l suggest...
...the king goes with the prince...
...and introduces him to the people
l do not think it is right
Then it is not appropriate
l agree with Grandsire
l would have sent Duryodhan...
...but the treasury is empty
lt is not right that he leaves the city now
Purochan has built a house for brother
He says the house is unique...
...unparalleled in history
The house is a miracle of construction
Then we will definitely go Duryodhan
Uncle's orders were enough...
...but now we can please Duryodhan
The greed of the unenlightened
The cunning of the Evil mind
The use of underhand methods...
...will lead to a conflagaration