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I was on the field at the Army-Navy game to bring you the unveiling of plans to preserve
the Army's rich traditions and history for future generations.
The Army wants a national museum, and they've got a proven plan to get it.
[male speaker] About three years ago, we learned something from the Marine Corps.
They got a coin passed by Congress that would help pay for their museum.
We said, "We're going to do the same thing." [Puetz] The Army Historical Foundation lobbied
Congress, which passed the US Army Commemorative Coin
Act. The act authorizes the US Mint to make three
coins to be minted and sold in 2011.
If we sell all of them, we get $12 million for the National Museum of the United States
Army. [Puetz] To find out more about the Army commemorative
coins and the national museum, go to