When a world-class gymnast becomes a physicist: Julia Huuhtanen

Uploaded by InstituteofPhysics on 04.10.2012

That phase change was really kind of radical and I even felt it physically
It sounds really weird but I felt dizzy sometimes because it was weird not having that physical exercise anymore and studying all the time because it is quite passive
But otherwise it was really interesting
People wouldn't think straight away that I am studying physics
I want to do
A bit of research in the future probably in either dark matter or quantum physics but I don't want to do it for the rest of my life. I want to experience everything.
go and work in investment banking for a couple of years and then do some motivational stuff and write
That's why I came to physics because initially my plans was to go and study psychology while I was still a gymnast
But that didn't work out and nobody believed at the time that I was able to do physics at my school
so when I didn't get to psychology, life turned me around somehow and my destiny was to do physics as I always knew
but I didn't believe it because other people convinced me so. So the reason that I really appreciated physics made me come here
I chose to study physics because I think it is something useful for life,
challenging and because it is the most important subject I think, in the world. It is related to everything. You can go anywhere really with physics