Downsized - Episode 9 Valentine's Day

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Ok here we go. \ No I need to shower.\
No you can't even stand on a dry floor. You'll shower tomorrow, ok?\
Why don't you shower with me?\ Because we are separated, remember?\
I got the wine you sent. You have very good taste in wine. \
I can see that.\ It's not my fault. They didn't want any. They
made me drink all of it because they're selfish.\ Isn't that the opposite of selfish?\
You look good tonight. What did you do?\ Why are you so happy? I thought wine was a
depressant.\ Do you remember our wedding?\
Why do you ask?\ Because it was many many many years ago.\
It wasn't that long ago.\ It feels like forever.\
Thanks.\ No, I mean I can't remember ever being single.
I can't imagine what it would be like not being married to you. It's like trying to
remember being an infant.\ Ok.\
Try it! You can't remember. Try it try it try it. You can't do it.\
Alright shhhhh. \ Thanks for coming to get me.\
I'm glad you called.\ I love you.\
Get some sleep, ok?\ Alright.\
Where are you going?\ Back to the hotel.\
But I don't want you to.\ My clothes are there.\
You have clothes.\ Not the clothes that I want.\
Sometimes I don't know how to behave with you.\
Get some sleep, ok?\ What is this?\
Good morning beautiful.\ What is this?\
I know baby I know.\ Are you crazy?! We can't afford this!\
This is the reaction I get from my expressions of love!\
Did you put your expressions of love on your credit card or mine?\
I didn't put them on either.\ You paid cash?!!!\
No! I didn't pay anything. Somebody kept sending them to some lady in the building. She didn't
accept them so I did.\ Now I love you.\
That's the reaction I wanted.\ Your creativity is very sexy.\
You bet your ass it is, and you have a very sexy ass.\
So do you!\ Go get your pumps on.\
Guess what? \ What?\
The only thing I have to do today is register online for unemployment!\
Alright!\ \
\ }