How to make doll outfit 9 swimsuit

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 20.07.2010

I had quite a few request that I should show
How to make a swim suit
So here it is
It would be better to use thin elastic fabric
If not, at least choose some bright colors
Trims, around 0.5 to 0.8cm in width is good
For an easy bikini top, I suggest you refer to my tutorial 1
It's easy to make.
Here's I'm demonstrating another method
Cut a rectangle of 5.5cm x 3cm
Fold it and draw a curve line
Like a quarter of a circle
Same to the other piece
Sew on the line you drew
Notice the opening is at the bottom
Turn it inside out
Here you have the two pieces for the top
Sew it together and seal up the bottom
Cut a piece of trim of 20cm
Cut two pieces of trim of 10cm
Sew the 20cm trim on the swimsuit top
Make sure the swimsuit top is in the middle
Sew the other two pieces in the 2 corners
Now the swimsuit top is ready to wear
For the pants, measure a rectangle of 13cm x 5cm
Fold it, and fold again to get a crease
Here draw from the corner to make it a bow shape
Pay attention that one side (pants front) should be smaller than the other
The crotch should be 2 cm
Sew on the line you drew
Cut the unwanted parts and now you should have an uneven bow
Cut small gaps along the sides
Turn it inside out, it will take some time so be patient
Seal up the opening and it is ready.
To finish up, you can cut two pieces of trim 18cm each
Sew it to the front and back
If you're clever with your hands
You can try to add some ruffles so it conceals more
Be creative
Here's Fuyumi sporting her new swimsuit
It's great for Summer
Have fun sewing and see you next time