Biofeedback Machine Review: Iom From Wild Divine

Uploaded by BiofeedbackMachine on 22.05.2011

hey guys today I'll be giving a review for the biofeedback machine known as the Iom. It's
made by the company Wild Divine
So this is the current model that they sell
at their website. it's white and it's a sleek little unit. I have the first generation
model which is in purple but both machines work identically and work with the same software
so hopefully that doesn't confuse you
you just need to use a standard usb cable to connect it to your PC
or Macintosh computer it's real easy to set up and get going
so to interface with the device you need to use
these three
finger rings the middle ring will sense your heart rate activity and the two outer ones
will sense your galvanic skin response
so as you can see, I'm just putting these finger clasps around my fingers, and they fit pretty
snug but they don't pinch or make your fingers feel uncomfortable
so when you're using this device it's recommended that you just rest your hand on your desk
so that the readings are consistent
now the software
that's bundled with the unit often comes with this graphing and charting software but I
actually use a free download called LSmonitor
and it lets me look at all sorts of raw data coming right off of the unit
and I can also recorded all the data that I'm looking at if I'm
doing a biofeedback therapy session and I want to go over the data later
so the big draw with this device is the interactive software that Wild Divine has developed
specifically for this biofeedback machine
what I'm showing you right now is The Passage this is their first software title that they
came out with but they also have a sequel to this program and a
much more comprehensive training program called
relaxing rhythms that came out even later
so in this software
title you basically go around this virtual world and you talk to these mentors and the
mentors will help you
learn or master biofeedback training exercises and the exercises are presented
in these fun little mini games now there's a ton of mini games. In this one I'm trying to float
balloon. And in this one I'm trying to shoot an arrow
into a target so you'll need to use
a lot of focus and concentration to master these biofeedback training exercises
and this one I'll need to relax my energies as you see I'm doing right here
and when the ball comes down to my chest region it'll unlock the door
and take me into a new area of the game
so there you go
and now I'm be
able to learn from more mentors or It'll unlock a new challenge. Now this challenege
is pretty cool
the tree on the right is pulsating and i'll need to sync my breathing
with its pulsing to
display a staircase and unlock a new area of the game so that is just sort of
a primer on what you can expect from their software package. There's a lot of neat little
mini games that'll teach you all sorts of useful skills as you go thru your biofeedback
so that's the Iom, it's produced by the company Wild Divine and you can read more about it
on my website Thanks for watching