[ENG SUB] MBLAQ - Joon @ Exploration of Genders

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Welcome to exploration of genders! Lee Joon-Shii
Explosion of entertainment talents!
Carisma Idol reborned as Variety-dol!
MBLAQ's Lee Joon!
Show us Korea Traditional Dance!
Women team wants to see Lee Joon's dance
But I graduated from Modern Dance
Show us! Modern Dance!
What should I show?
Start! SHOW US~
Junie can't be seen
Joon go and sit in front of car. It's full shot!
You can be seen in the front cam
Joon you are our emergency choice
We hope with you our audience will grow
Joon we rely on you
Body gag
Please wait for variety-dol Lee Joon!
What is that?
MT ? Of course I know what MT means
What is that?
MT is that...
Mountain Talk
Ohh talking in mountain?
Joonie you are hungry too right?
Aren't you on a diet? So you can not eat right?
I eat a lot. I can eat steamed food.
Men team's car immediately stops~
Ah my butt's numb!
Joon, what are you doing?
Joon, whose bag is that?
I don't know whose bag this is but she must be someone who puts a lot of make-up.
Why there is a lot of cosmetic stuff?
Joon puts clothes in order above TV
I made a bathroom set, Take these to bathroom
It is there, go straight
What sound is this?
Oh... it is broken!!
Emergency situation!
Mirror is broken
Joon whatever you do, you are safe.
First let's fix it
How can you fix it with this??
No. I will do it in a way that it will look like it originally looked like that
Hey, it is ok
You don't know how to cook, right?
Yes / Right?
You keep taking pictures
Shoud we take one with kimchi?
For today, with kimchi...
How can you take a pic like that? Hey, how to cook this...
Let's look at it
Timing is really good
Seems like he is eating it
Hyung, do you know that?
What is it about?
When you eat onion closing your eyes, it tastes like an apple
Ah closing nose
Closing eyes
It must be closing nose
Give up on Joon
I saw it before
Try it
Is it backlight?
Yes, it is really backlight -_-''
Oh modern dance, it is like a artistic pic
Ohh it is sea
Hurry up, let's run Yaiyaiya to the sea~
Seagulls are no joke!
There are a lot of people
Among couples, bunch of men...
Why are you trying to hold my hand!?
It feels this comfortable without Junha hyung
- I am most comfortable today - My heart is really at ease
I really like this
Hello, nice to meet you
Banned! Taking photos alone. (Write beautiful words on sand and take 10 photos)
10 photos!?
Will we just take pics?
Find a beautiful couple, holding hands, cutely...
This is punishment!
1st find beautiful couple. Hold hands cutely
- There is not a couple around
- How we will find them... - They are in foreshore
Don't tell me that we need to go there
Let's do another one first, take a pic on beach while you are jumping
We can do it
Hyung you take it
Ready, 1, 2, 3
Joon you were landing
This time timing is not right~
One more time, 1,2,3
Ahh it is tiring!
Why is taking pics tiring?
Next one
Draw a heart and...
-This is so childish -What is this really
-Our love forever-
Eyyy what is this
Draw it the same
What is this, it is rounded!!
Ohh right, you are really good
I did this instead of studying at school
I will do down, me straight, me up
You two do this
Good, good, yes
Ahh emberrasing, please take it fast
Ok, ok, director
What is this? What is left?
It is emberrasing really
Why do they take this kind of ridiculous pics?
You don't need to understand, just take it
Timid Lee Joon's slippers~
Oh what is this?
"Seur Ah-yah, I am sorry"
Let's write something too
Yah, you need to write it prettily
I have come
Oh, Shrek has come
Hey what are you doing?
Trust you
You must say "Trust me"
Dongho-yah trust me!
Cheonji-yah I love you, poing~
MBLAQ is awesome!
I love you, so much...
Junha is writing something too
Nemo? I knew you would be like this.
Shrek (heart) Nemo
It is an artistic pic, go away!
Ok. 1,2,3,4,5,6....
Are you joking?
Ok ok I understand. I will take it really!
Where are the all kids gone?
Where are they?
Let's bottle Songhyeon~
Let's take a pic. Pose~
This pose is weird~
Don't tell me...
Songhyeon is catched!
Joon, I will bottle with you
Sonhwi and Songhyeon trying to bottle Joon
Joon is really fast!
I will never bottle!
Catch Joon!
He ran away again~
Pig's Feet Fight Bongsun & Eunji vs Joon
Ready! - They are really scary...
Ready, start!
Bongsun's scary glare
I am scared!
It is a game but it is like she is coming to kill me
MBLAQ's fans we are really sorry. It is just a game, she is not gonna kill him
These two are really no joke
He is running away!
Meat: Women 6 piece & Men 4 piece
Resist Laughing Game Eunji vs Joon
You should never laugh, it is acting
How much is enough? How much is enough for you?
Hyung, be strong~
What is he doing?
He is little mermaid!
Under the sea!!
How can she resist it?
I am Jihoon Hyung (Rain), Bi sunbaenim
Oh similar
I win!
One of you is eliminated!
Joon, 1,2,3 bam!
Oppa really has sense
Our new member, Lee Joon. How was it today?
I think women and men team really suits wach other.
But we shouldn't bottle women in sea.
So why did you bottle me that hard?
It is because this hyung... Ah I said hyung.
He asked me to do it...