How to Cook Rabbit : Chopping Garlic for BBQ Rabbit

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.10.2008

Hi! My name is Karl James, owner of Creosole Catering and I am here on behalf of Expert
Village. Okay our next step here is to work with garlic. One of the ways I learned to
peel garlic is to give it a little twist and you hear it pop and the skin basically comes
right off. Another thing I was shown if I take the side of the knife and just squash
it a little bit and then the skin also comes right off. So you decide which one is best
for you. You can squash it, twist and the whole trick though is get the skin off the
garlic. Once we get the garlic, all we are going to do is get real small slices and
you can go down the middle and slice it, twice as fast. So get our garlic cut and this will
be added to our recipe.