Expanding the Los Angeles Convention Center to improve the L.A. economy

Uploaded by FarmersFieldLA on 08.07.2011

Imagine a business person.
Now imagine her on a business trip -
- to, let's say... a convention in Los Angeles.
From staying in a hotel to shopping on Sunset Boulevard, the economic impact of a single
traveler can be extraordinary - an average of $1,774 per trip.
So imagine that impact multiplied by tens of thousands of visitors! That's what we'll
see as part of the Farmer's Field plan to expand the Los Angeles Convention Center and
build a new stadium downtown.
By transforming out-dated and ill-equipped facilities, we can build one of the largest
convention centers in the country, which would mean more events and more visitors - an additional
$378 million dollars annually for our economy.
Support the plan at
An updated privately-funded convention center won't happen without the Farmers Field plan.
It's about jobs, it's about pride - it's about time.