Hot Toys Tron Sam Flynn and Lightcycle Review

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ladies and gentlemen
my name is josh you may know me from websites such as collectiondx dot
pm bring you the creek review about the
outgoing strumming a cease and plan with light cycle
it's a one six scale
um... figure and vehicle set
take all kinds of the most box not to fancied though stuff
another call feature
here's handle but
an inside sales
welcome to the group program
services trial the second trial release from hot toys
prior to that
best always think of that we have available to us
from time magazine
was acai
the spin master
it's good
it's a passable too late
it's fun, affordable
who wouldn't like it?
everyone should like it but not everyone
will settle for that
some people too much money
and uh...
waterfront disposable income three space
will go for that one
that's the one we hear talk about today
and that is not always
san fran
political from trauma
san fran son of kevin flynn
travels to the greatest and from there you see
and pretty much whom you eat gets dumped into rehab
lexical arena
this sort of course represents
in the movie so
uh... is mostly plastic just you know
the tires have hardware
but they do spend someone
it's getting better this way than vb
then the you know i've got to be spent
they will roll
there's ever a terrorist
figurehead that is any
armed fixed poll
lose figure for the most part
so what this means is that the u_n_ weekend wasn't on the break the news
don't bend
uh... desire to jewish intended but it's not meant to be used in the long figure
solo and just move
act it is uh... very heavy may see detailed
uh... modulate certainly see a belated features for later on but you control
them here
one position has just lazy rivers and lakes and the more experienced
three double a_ batteries go in his compartment here
that lights up the bike
but figured that has rewatch batteries that are
put him through this whole sandwich here
and then the header also
has its own set of batteries so to properly eliminate the figure you need
to switch on
three different
sets of uh... electronics
so has at least alliances what next week jewish
is uh... great-looking figure of course the facial styled as a
went on as it should be
with a hot toys
and he really doesn't support in that respect
uh... so
as a stand-alone p_c_ looks pretty
looks pretty
there's something you can do within
the for years removable
and hasn't option parts so we're going to go through that but the removal of
the figure process
and also your more of the workings of the cycle content
so off receiving do
is these panels on the back
now if you can c_n_n_
focus on that
those are metal support rods in there
so that's where some of the weekends and
then you can pop up openings in back rooms are nice
hip-hop road this someone peace
you can't see that
the metal there are no roads in their as well which is nice
that pops up this piece
now you can see that not only is that
the metal details
and i'm noah was was detailed to with paint and stuff so
was controlled
this piece
okay so with the blanket we do have some cool attention to detail that's really
interesting things
that the uh... there are some slight movement with these uh... co scandals
the soonest detailed no
leg payments there
uh... check this out
no longer doesn't see it
but there is
quentin circuitry
on the inside
of the panels with a slate green gold which would in a printed circuit board
that is impressive those little details on that
you don't see movie me the news in the concept art but
just a nice touch that you know you expect a little hard to it
yes so then i shall mike is really messy designed
you've got the excellent detail inside the flaps
extended till then he foot pegs arm
these pieces or about motor discusses came off in a box with a snap back end
parizeau will step but the fitting finish of this peace deal is
impeccable as all hot toys
releases jedi strike you considering
the prices that they can and
uh... it is a fingerprint magnet inspection
is what it is
with that mine
we will not talk about
ministers there
this is not a figure per se like your typical one six kale say fix pros cons
dummy figure that fits on the bikes but it's not without its called that's uh...
it doesn't elected to asian because
no restraint then
'cause uh...
full range of
charm that the shoulder ball joint
the risk of a full
uh... something i've noticed or check it out preconceived
soap any has been to wrote
where it hits
the uh...
arm so
that knows that i'm not on both
not ideal but whatever
uh... head moves a bit
the nile lot
so that there is an interesting thing this two heads as they know what that is
going on with the head
uh... the normal home
taxes on break
calendar is really tight fit
uh... then
because i wasn't really think they did that kind of
friction whereas
the regional head will
pop on over somebody
sof is a problem with mine uh... might rides new kept cutting out a little bit
it's more room
but uh...
yet still is a risk
let's look at it
this face
help and some
he looks good on the break
see that hilton head
you've got
then ultimately
national uso
the leg
pops off
pioneers her houston at headphone jack
and what it does
is that brings delayed feature from the body
to the lake
uh... there's also a very handy
that very intent there
please forward email
second ah...
jenny disks of there to it and he discs as you can see here
this one is as it is not done with that problem
this one is as it is activated
you're going to see him
souls why well
with special you are
magnuson is only getting a tenant
multimodal treatment soemthing
but not all you can also
do you think he is look
surfing app bike
make sure that the footprints in the front page
canadians and handling
ten instead closing of the analyst
and and that the better at the moment
so that gives him the
laid down in action
and he can do the uh...
benefit lexical
don't blame on the ground res going around corner
connection going on that
trevor nice
but i think for my purposes
i am going to keep
implemented ahead on
sold all the stuff all of the city's
i'd call you then later
but i have not shown here that lights up
we will do that next
remains ccaroth
first thing to do u trying on a switch
who made
behind ahead
the body
and itself
sis three separate switches
but limits
with a series of billy ease
this for throughout
the body
uh... runs up and uh...
tall gozo figure
this is the separate local systems
the thing yourself decorated with three you watched very surrounded by more than
ninety eight and the disk
over moves to the body legs through the arms
this which is best year i've had him holding his
because that is hard to access
the switch when he has disc on
the backbone of
ahead you should also removed to switch off
campbell of the little figure and woman ever took the lights
in the helmet laid out
the control panel
it's really quite
promoter does turn
for this video is the here
half of those outfits from the fifties
he has worked
illumination in the face could be a little stronger
was pretty cool wilmington construct
witness look at the consulta
uh... precourt summons the teacher panel
you can see
detail on the legs
you can't beat amount
and that the left mike for just brilliant
throughout the whole thing here
was really nice questions
for example uh...
inside the candles
twcable circles that
uh... wind up as a really nice
who does this really crop really great and really impressive
dst displaying his way to hard work with us
silicon activated with that
instead of a display cases but something
inr is really really remarkable
so that's the hard choice
same friend lexical
from time magazine
through the fine folks that angles dot com paid and you will see
worth pre-order and is once again using so i like crazy and then you kick
yourself on the secondary
market happy to be an arm and leg
once again
complexity x
and we'll see you
on the group
russia uh... ap mostar
the murder please
simpson barracks
potential professional