Beginner Belly Dancing Lessons : Hip Snap Move in Belly Dancing

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2007

Hi! This is Portia again with Let’s introduce our first set of movements.
We are going to do what is called hip accents or hip snaps. Let’s start, feet below the
hips, knees are soft, pelvis is tucked in, chest is lifted and shoulders are back. We
are going to bring our arms out in second position, palms face down and relaxed. We
are going to push our way to the right and we are going to squeeze our glutes. Let us
try to the left, squeeze faster 1,2, 1, 2. I am going to show you this from the back;
feet below the hips, bend the knees, tuck the pelvis in, chest up, arms squeeze right,
squeeze left, again squeeze right, squeeze left, but a little faster. Right, left, right,
left, you are isolating the hips by squeezing and contracting the glutes, the right, the
left and the last one and release.