20110926 - "Birthday Party" 大牌生日会- Yang Mi 杨幂 - Part 3/4

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And I really hope they can contain themselves a bit...
don't say that just because someone is pretty, it's a crime,
and you have to discriminate against her, make up nasty rumours, stuff like that.
I think that is really low/shameful.
Host: In your family--would you worry that your family would see these negative news, and how they would feel?
YM: They never asked me about it...
YM's Grandpa: Yang Mi? We never took that stuff seriously.
[Caption: YM's family reply to the "plastic surgery-gate"]
YM's Dad: Her grandpa gets very angry about this issue.
Sometimes we'll see in the newspaper, saying Yang Mi had gotten plastic surgery etc,
he's always super angry. He says,
"What kind of person said this?! Do they have a problem?"
So I tell the old man, I say, on the internet, there are lots of random news, this type of stuff.
I say, this kind of thing, some of it is...the media,
some of it is, people going online...some of it is, people who don't know the truth.
I tell him, these kind of people, just treat it as them "stirring up rumours to get attention",
I say, "even Yang Mi doesn't take these things seriously, why are you getting agitated?"
I tell him, don't get angry over this. I even encourage him, saying this is just a form of entertainment,
it's alright, if everyone wants to say it then let them.
Only then do they, do they...well they say, "But isn't that them spreading lies?!"
I say, "Just don't take it seriously, no point in getting angry over this."
YM: My dad and mom never ask me about it. They believe in me.
Like if I am together with them in private,
they absolutely won't talk about it--that is, we won't even mention it at all.
Host: Because everyone knows that it's something just not worth mentioning.
SLT: Exactly, I mean it's just totally not possible!
Host: So, this is the Yang Mi in everyone's hearts! A very direct/straightforward, and a very cute, young girl, right?
Up till now are you satisfied with the "secret-revealing"??
Host: What is this "secret-revealing", actually it's just you guys coming to protect her, I'm telling you!
So, next up--our three classmates have finished revealing their secrets,
so today what kind of presents will they gift to our Yang Mi?
Wow, I'm telling you, from the size of these you can tell...
Host: "Mei mei"'s gift is the biggest! Host: Ok, let's start with "Cat"!
ZWQ: Uh...*ahem*...this year my biggest wish for Mi Mi is, I hope she will get more rest,
because indeed she truly needs some time to go rest, go get a good sleep...
And, take off all her makeup and get a good facial!
And, get a good beauty sleep. The rest, we don't need to worry about her,
but she really does need some time to rest. This is my biggest wish.
ZWQ: And then, I wish Mi Mi happy birthday. YM: Thank you.
Hosts: What kind of present is it, we have to take a look!
ZWQ: This is...this is a Totora music box, because Mi Mi really likes Totoro,
so, I've prepared this for her.
ZWQ: Hope you like it. Host: Oh, so cute!
Host: Ok! So, this is a Totoro music box.
Host: Next up, let's invite our class president!
WRJ: Wish Yang Mi happy birthday. (Host: So serious!)
WRJ: And...wish you get prettier and prettier, more and more beautiful.
And...apart from your work, hope you start thinking about your own personal love/relationship-life.
I'm giving you a...
Host: And it's also a Totoro thing, isn't it? WRJ: Yes, Totoro...
Host: So thoughtful! WRJ: And, this one you can plug into the USB,
WRJ: And you can... Host: Play music?
Host: It's a neck/travel pillow,
Host: But a pillow that can play music! YM: Oh, so impressive!
WRJ: Yes yes...and then you can, relax your neck area.
Host: Alright! WRJ: Happy birthday!
Host: Alright! YM: Thank you thank you!
Host: It's also based on Totoro! Yang Mi do you really like Totoro?
YM: Previously at home I actually had a little pet Chinchilla [i.e. what Totoro is],
I raised it for a long time...and then just this year he...isn't here any longer.
Host: Ok, now let's see what "mei mei" brought.
SLT: First of all, wish you a happy birthday...
yes, first of all wish you happy birthday. And also, you must take care of yourself/your health.
And, in the audience there are so many fans supporting you...
and, "jia you!" [=a cheer/form of encouragement]..."Jia you" all together.
YM: Thank you thank you! Host: Thank you everyone! Thank you!
Now you can all go take a break and relax in our area for special guests!
Host: We've invited friends, we've invited classmates, but the people who truly understand Yang Mi the most--
to say the truth it is for sure her parents and her family, right?
So this time our "Birthday Party" show's special mission unit specially went to Beijing,
so let's take a look at the news report over from Yang Mi's home!
Narrator: Born in Beijing in 1986,
starting from her collaboration with Stephen Chow at age 4, "King of Beggars"--
from that moment forth, she became destined for a intricate/lovely journey in the entertainment industry.
She, first and later, had collaborations with such big names in the entertainment industry such as Liu Wei, Jackie Chan, etc
In 2011 the hot airing of "Gong" even more allowed this 25-year-old young lady,
quickly shoot up to be one of the most popular/well-liked actresses in the hearts of the audience.
But actually, when you take a look at the photos from her childhood,
it's not hard for you to discover, that from a young age Yang Mi already exuded a performer's charisma/aura.
This time, our "special mission unit" arrived to Yang Mi's old home in Beijing,
looking for the various memories from her childhood.
YM's dad: Look--look at her when she was little, this is when she was one I think.
Look at the little guy.
This one is also when she was one.
She was quite good at skating!
Scout: Skating? Dad: Yes.
Look, she just loves to do stuff like that--taking a picture with both her legs stuck in one boot!
Narrator: Yang Mi--who has a cute/adorable and clever appearance--
--from the words of her father we got quite a shock!
Dad: Once she's in the house, [Caption: YM's father: Yang Xiao Lin]
she'll call us whatever, say whatever!
Calling me "fatty", "little Lin zi", "Xiao Lin brother", "Yang Xiao Lin", etc...
calls her mom "big sis", things like..."Chun Ling er"...all nicknames like that!
In her management company with the biggest boss up there,
she'll give him nicknames too! But other people they don't get angry anyways, they tell me...
they tell me, "your little daughter has given everyone in the company nicknames!"
Narrator: Another member of the family, on the occasion of Yang Mi's birthday,
sent along well wishes for her birthday too! [see note]
Dad: Sing a little song for your sister! Sing "Happy Birthday".
Bird: "Hahahaha...Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday, to you!"
Narrator: Of course, the sweet and considerate Daddy Yang
wouldn't forget to make Yang Mi's favourite chicken soup!
Dad: Dear daughter, haven't seen you for half a year...
missed your old dad's soup, haven't you?
In a bit I'll cook you the old chicken soup.
This time I've also added some "chong cao" [type of mushroom?] and abalone.
You'll for sure love it when you drink it! I'll make it for you immediately, ok?
Dad: Wait till it's all done, then I'll send it over for you! Don't worry!
Narrator: A pot of delicious and fragrant chicken soup is ready--
Yang Mi, would you like to have a taste?
Host: Let's give a loud cheer to the special delivery of a chicken soup filled with love!
Hosts: Wow! Welcome! Let's welcome Yang Mi's father and mother!
Welcome "brother Xiao Ling", welcome "sister Chun Ling"!
Host: Uh...how about this--since Yang Mi has made up so many nicknames,
why don't you use your own method to introduce everyone to these two important members of your family?
YM: Ummm...this my dad and mom.
Err...because, in my family,
we always just call each other by our names really casually.
[Caption: YM--at home always calls her parents directly by their names] Host: Casually like how...?
YM: Umm...when I give her a call, for example if I'm calling my house, and she picks up,
[I'll say:] "Hello? Where's your old husband? Where's the old 'fatty' in your house?"
And she'll call him over. [I'll say:] "Where's your wife?" etc. etc, like that.
Host: Just like that? YM's parents: Yes, yes.
Host: Then--dad and mom, are you guys able to accept that? This kind of nicknames?
Mom: We're already used to it!
YM: Because he is like this too with his dad and mom!
Hosts: Wait a minute, wait a minute, what? [Caption: "confused/stunned"]
YM: With my grandpa and grandma, he's like this too!
Host: Right, so, all along in your family it's been super lax/casual like this, right?
Dad: Yes, ever since she was little we were really "whatever".
Host: Then--sir, your cooking skills are really too good,
is this the chicken soup that you made yourself?
Dad: Yes yes yes. Host: Let's let Yang Mi have a taste, ok?
Dad: Alright. Host: Half a year haven't seen each other...
Host: Come...wow, smells so fragrant! I'm telling you, really!
Dad: Which one, this bowl?
Host: How is it Yang Mi, the taste? Haven't tasted it in half a year?
YM: It's the taste of home. Host: The taste of home.
Host: Now that we've finished the chicken soup, cleared up our throats a bit,
now let's have a good chat. Actually before we've heard already,
that Mr. and Mrs. Yang, both of you are very open people.
Dad: Yes. Very casual. Old Beijingers, you know.
Host: So--Mrs. Yang, Yang Mi is so pretty, who do you think she inherited her looks from?
Mom: We both have some?
Host: Woah. So I heard, one time you watched Yang Mi's drama,
and you had some criticism about Yang Mi, said she didn't look as good as you.
Mom: Alright I guess. They all say I'm the ugliest one in the family.
Host: Who said that?!
Dad: This--this, there's an anecdote behind it. [Caption: The talkative daddy Yang starts~]
Host: There's even an anecdote? Dad: Yes.
Sometimes she--when she was little, you know--when she was shooting for the magazine "Rui Li",
she was young--after she finished the shoot for the magazine
she saw on the internet there were people insulting her, that is,
saying she's ugly, bad-looking...so she said--this was when she was really little,
now she's probably "whatever"--
Host: Surely she felt hurt-- Dad: When she was little she would come home feeling really hurt,
she asked, "Dad, am I really that ugly?" I'd say, "Well anyways you *are* pretty ugly."
Host: How would there be someone like you?! Host: Yeah?!
Dad: I said, "See look, you look like your mom. Your mom looks like your grandma--your grandma."
Because her grandma is already 80 some years old--so of course she looks quite old.
YM: You said, "you look like your mom, your mom looks like her mom."
Dad: "So, therefore, you look just like your grandma."
Dad: So, she was really all hurt, you know! Host: But didn't you comfort her?!
Dad: I was just joking around, that type, you know!
Host: Back then you probably didn't know your dad was just joking right, or did you realize your Dad was trying to comfort you?
YM: It was joking, it was joking, all along we're like this, because starting from when I was little it was like this--
Mom: She's already used to it! She knows. YM: Used to it.
Host: So therefore your attitude towards outside pressures is probably quite strong, I think!
YM: Uh-huh, yeah, I've been thoroughly insulted by my parents all along growing up!
Host: I think growing up in that type of family is a really happy thing actually!
So, when she was little, was she a mischievous little kid?
Mom: Yes, *extremely* mischievous...*extremely* mischievous...
Host: Aiya, I really like listening to Mrs. Yang talking, I feel like Mrs. Yang is about to tell a good story, come...
Mom: No no, really she was extremely mischievous.
Dad: Let me tell you something--to what extent she was mischievous when she was little!
[Caption: Daddy Yang really loves revealing all his daughter's shortcomings]
Host: Alright, he's getting started! Opened up the topic eh?
Dad: Right, that is--
YM: Contain yourself a bit, contain yourself a bit [be more discreet].
Dad: When she was in elementary school-- Host: I really want to hear this!
Dad: She was--guess it counts as a sort of "head of the group".
Host: Aiya, she was "pin xue jian you" ("outstanding in both character and learning")?
Dad: And then--all the kids in the school who were assigned to shout orders [during morning exercise at school],
all the kids in the group, they were all boys. Just her was the only girl.
Every time I went to pick her up, I saw it really clearly from the outside--
she would yell, "Stand straight!" in a REALLY loud voice. But there was one thing--
one thing, really made me, that is, really sit down with her for a lecture.
Host: Just for yelling "stand straight"?
Dad: It was because, whichever little boy was not standing straight,
whoever was standing a bit crooked, she'd go right up to him and give him a kick.
Host: Oh me too! Dad: It's true!
Really, she would go right up and give them a kick! And--I saw it quite a few times,
so I said--Yang Mi, you can't kick other people!
She said, "But he's not standing properly on purpose!"
Host: Well she's right--if he isn't standing properly then he--
Host: Some boys-- Dad: But you can't *kick* someone, right?
Host: Or else what, hit them? Dad: The teacher and the other parents
all came to talk to me about it! "Your kid keeps kicking the others!"
Host: Oh so Mr. Yang you had some pressure, right!
Dad: Really tough, really tough, really. I have another story--shows she was quite altruistic--
[Caption: Daddy Yang's addicted to revealing all her shortcomings~] YM: Ok it's enough now it's enough--
Dad: There's another story-- YM: That's enough, that's enough--
Dad: When she was attending some little kid acting classes,
there was one little girl who she was very good friends with. Her name was Zhou Chen, I think.
Her very good friend. So, her family was quite friendly with our family too.
One time, after classes had finished, she said,
"No need to take Yang Mi home today, just let her sleep over at our house for a day."
I said, "no problem", since their house was right in He Ping, so I let her stay over.
After she slept over, the next day her mom tells me--
she said, the two little girls, they were downstairs--
at that time they just started elementary school--they were playing "tiao pi jing" outside.
But there were also a group of little boys playing ball down there.
Then "bang" one kick, and they, that is--they'd kicked the ball, right at the little kid.
Host: On the little girl? Dad: Yes, the little girl,
so she started crying. "Wah wah", crying.
Host: It must've hurt. Dad: She didn't dare say anything,
since it was a group of boys. And then, she [Yang Mi]--she didn't say a word,
just stomped right up, "bang" pushed the little boy making him fall on the ground.
The little boy ran home crying.
[Caption: *embarrassed*]
Dad: Then his parents came over and said,
"Look at what your relative's kid did, she hit our little boy!"
Then they said, "this isn't one of our relatives, she's a little kid who came from *outside*".
Host: "From *outside*!" Host: "Heroine Yang".
YM: Ok ok thank you, that's enough. Host: I really want to say--in the future,
Host: "big brother please look out for me on Jianghu"! [=phrase said in wuxia dramas to the wuxia heroes]
Dad: Right right! YM: Of course, of course!
Dad: She was really fierce! Host: Indeed!
Dad: En, really fierce... Host: So when she was little,