[PL] Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel Edition Rozpakowanie (Unboxing) [Eng Subs]

Uploaded by arhneu on 10.06.2011

Hello! We have awaited this day for almost 15 years!
One and a half decade! And... wow! It's here!
Duke Nukem Forever!
After over 14 years it found its way into our hands!
Today marks the European release date and...
It's kind of funny how when it was first announced some of you hadn't even been born yet!
What I'm holding in my hands is the Balls of Steel Collector's Edition.
It includes... let's see: a Bust, a 100-page book, postcards, stickers, a comic, papercraft, tokens, a deck of cards, dice and a Certificate of Authenticity.
...or at least that's what the list below says.
On the other side of the box we have a couple pictures...
That's the PS3 version, by the way but if you follow the link to our page, arhn.eu, there's a gallery there for the XBox version as well.
Ok, let's do this already.
The first thing that jumps out when you look at it is that the box is actually a little bit smaller then I thought it would be.
Carefully now... not to damage the box.
...would have worked better if I actually did puncture it.
Third time's the charm!
I don't know if you noticed but I even dressed up accordingly!
Just like Duke! Beautiful!
Let's see what's inside...
Our... box... 15 years of badassness is contained within. It seems I might not be strong enough to get to it.
I would really like to NOT damage it.
There we go!
What do we have here?
On the very top... ok...
Let's start with the cards. The deck's tiny. Much smaller than I thought it would be.
The box measures at just under 7cm (2.7").
So I guess the cards are about half the size of a standard deck.
Anywho, a couple of dice.
Pretty light, cheap but nice, overall.
I'd like to note that this Edition is slightly cheaper than your average Collector's Edition.
These usually cost about L99-150 pounds.
This one was only about L60, so it seems to be well worth its asking price.
...even though it's a little bit on the tiny side. Here are our tokens...
What's next? The book.
Certificate of Authenticity.
Certificate of Authenticity.
No. 79609. 69. Duke would be proud.
A hologram.
And next?...
We're not going to look at the whole thing.
A few pieces of artwork... Haha!
Can't wait to play!
Level design... Locations...
If you want to see more, you will have to buy it!
What's next then?
The comic. But to be honest, feels more like a phamphlet.
No time to read it now!
You can cut out your own Duke complete with a pig head.
Instructions in quite a few languages.
Instructions in quite a few languages.
What I don't like about it is the fact that there's no perforations on the page which means we'd have to use scissors. Well, I'm not doing it!
I'm too lazy. What's next? A sticker. Unimpressive.
Let's fix the lighting up a bit... this should do it.
The game.
Just as I expected, the same printout.
For the ones who care about these things, the PS3 versions seems to require a 4GB install.
And I should clean my fingernails.
Nah! I'm a real man. Real men don't care about nail hygiene.
Oh! Duke Postcards!
Let's see... Everest, Space, Duke after beating up Johny Cage, Casino, whoo, a shark!
And now... The last item on the menu. The bust.
Wow. Much better than I thought it would be, to be honest.
Feels pretty heavy, the material seems to be... No idea what it's made of but it's definitely not plastic.
It's quite cold and sturdy, just a little bit small.
It's just a little bit over 12cm (4.7").
Let's take a closer look from all the different angles.
No surprises here, it was made in China.
Here's the back.
And the sides...
OK! We still have a couple minutes left so let's check out the game box.
Wow. I never thought there would ever come a day when I would hold Duke Nukem Forever in my hands.
Definitely not on the Playstation 3 anyway. 14 years ago it wouldn't even cross my mind that the Playstation 3 might ever exist.
A short manual... the disc... and no extras in the box.
And that's it! Thanks for watching and... see you! Maybe next time we'll unpack something more... interesting?