Meet your Roosevelt Fellows - Maya Jacob

Uploaded by boltyyy on 20.09.2012

A really great way to connect with your professor is either before or after class
You can stick around if you have a question and want to introduce yourself
It's a really great way for them to connect your name and face.
You can always go over an assignment,
ask them to clarify something from the lecture
you can even make up a question that you have, something just so you get a chance to
talk with them
It's a really great way to start building a relationship that can lead to great things down the road
be it, like,
a really casual chat as you're walking up to Rabb
or it can be something like an internship or a letter of recommendation
It's really important to remember that professors are regular people too. They have their likes and
and they're really here for the students. It's not like at other schools where they're not interested in us
They're here for the Brandeis community
Something that i think is really important as a first year at Brandeis
is to get involved in the community outside so much of the classroom outside of
the library
We have so many clubs and activities on campus
If we don't something for you, you can try something new and try to get a new club started
it's probably the best way to meet
people who are like you
who are unlike you
and really get involved in the Brandeis community and really understand what it is to be
truly Brandeisian