Making Foam Masks for Kid's Crafts : Making a Nose for a Clown Mask

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2008

Next we're going to apply the nose to our clown mask. I've got a red circle of a nose
that I've cut a slit into like this. And you want to flap over the slit so that it gives
the nose a little bit of a shape. And we're going to put a staple in a staple that's shaped
Now, you've got the staple there and its a little bit its a silver shiny thing, so what
I'm going to do is take a permanent marker and just sort of color over it so its not
as noticeable. And then we're going to attach that nose with a little double stick tape.
Really good, sticky double stick tape. And we can put that right there at the top between
the eyes and put the nose right here, just so that it just misses the eyes. Its right
in between the two eyes. And there's our nose. And it has a nice little shape.