Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE Launch at C.E.S.

Uploaded by xprize on 20.03.2012

Here at CES there's really no better audience to understand the future of
technology and its ability to reach and improve all areas of our lives. To realize
this future
the Qualcomm foundation is going where no one has gone before
by pioneering new health technology.
Our goal is nothing less than to revolutionize
healthcare around-the-globe and to do this we're partnering with the X PRIZE Foundation
an organization that conducts mega competitions, incentivize breakthroughs,
like the ones needed to improve health care for all of us.
We're extraordinarily proud to be partnering was such an extraordinary company
to announce a transformative competition.
The Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE, it's ten million dollars of purse money, it's open
to teams anywhere on the planet and our goal as Paul said is to revolutionize
healthcare, to provide it literally in the palm of your hand.
The winning team has to be able to do the following: allow the individual to diagnose
themselves without using a doctor or going to a physician and has to be easy and
fun to use.
We’re are going to drive an era of Healthcare abundance so that anyone on the planet
with access to mobile device
is able to have healthcare in the palm of their hand