Bench to Bedside -Dr. Frank Maldarelli

Uploaded by NIHClinicalCenter on 20.09.2011

(music) My name is Frank Maldarelli. I’m with the Drug Resistance Program in the National
Cancer Institute. Over 30 million people are infected with HIV. Over 10 million have died
from it. It’s obviously a preventable illness, easily preventable. It’s a treatable illness
now. And we hope to make it an eradicatable illness. We developed a hypothesis that we
may be able to distinguish acute HIV or recent infection from chronic HIV based on the genetic
variation that we found in population-based genotyping. The ability to see whether someone
has been recently infected with HIV can help us to establish incidence rates, locally and
regionally. So the extramural collaborators are absolutely critical in all of our Bench
to Bedside endeavors – their input and understanding recent HIV infection; their ability to provide
samples from different parts of country is absolutely essential. We would not have been
able to start this project or carry it out without Bench to Bedside money. It’s a great
idea because the right idea can be expanded with money you didn’t have before. I tell
everybody it’s worthwhile. (music)