Shit Jewish Mothers Say - Episode 3

Uploaded by drcoolsex2 on 07.02.2012

No, this is too itchy. He'll never wear it.
I made him this sweater myself.
Oh, I'm starving.
Are we ordering lunch?
I don't want Chinese. It's too greasy.
I don't want Japanese. It's too salty.
Mexican: it's too spicy.
Sandwich: too many carbs.
Ben's: it's too heavy.
Pizza: I have trouble with dairy.
Indian: I love it but it's fattening.
Alright. I'll get a salad.
Oh my God! She got so fat!
Get this candy away from me...Okay, three more!
Where are the jokers?
(Alright! Alright!)
Ugh! There's nothing to eat!
There's nothing to wear!
There's nothing to watch!
I don't have a hand.
I got to rip it? F*CK!
I think the cantor sounds like a dying giraffe!
Doesn't he look so handsome? (kissing sounds)
Two dot. (Excuse me?) I said 'two dot'. (Thank you!)
I want romaine lettuce with small portions of carrot, mushroom, cucumber, and roasted red pepper - I don't want the raw pepper -
and I want tomatoes but only the cherry tomatoes - I don't want the big ones - and only if they're ripe too -
I want it to be chopped with a scoop of light veggie tuna on top, honey mustard dressing on the side, with diet bagel chips.
Can you read that back to me? ...Hello? ...Hello?
(Hava Nagila music plays)
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(Jodi: Hey!) Is there anything to eat in here, Jodi? (Jodi: There's nothing to eat.)
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(Zizzy: Hello! What are you doing?) We're looking if there's any food to eat. (All: Nothing, never anything to eat, etc.)
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