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Uploaded by HyperReport on 30.08.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for August 30th
2011 Gold is currently trading at 1795.00
Silver is at 41.02 The Silver to Gold Ratio is 43.76
Oil is at 86.74 and the US Dollar is at 74.11
What’s Wrong With The European Economy?
Events of the last month have seen a major setback to the world economy’s recovery.
A ratio of a sovereign's debt to GDP of no more than 60% is considered sustainable;
80% plus is dangerous territory. Guess where many european economies are?
Is it any wonder they are doing everything possible to kick the can down the road?
Three minutes, Two Teleprompters
The Teleprompter-n-Chief needed two large teleprompters
to nominate Alan Kruger as chief economic advisor.
What he did not mention in his speech is that Alan Kruger,
supported a 500 Billion dollar European like Value Added Tax. or VAT.
Well, isn't that extra special. Obama has stated he would not support such
a tax; however,
Obama's lack of honesty in the debt debacle makes doubting his statement plausible.
Especially, when one considers that this guy will have a say
in Obama's Job growth plan speech next week.
Copper Thieves Leave I-95 In Palm Beach County In The Dark
With the current economic situation, and the copper price being around four dollars
a pound, more thefts dealing with copper, are rising.
In this case, 175,000 feet of copper wiring near Palm Beach
Florida has been stolen.
If you have copper piping in your dwelling, you may be the next copper victim.
Soros And Rogers Agree: Greater Returns from Farmland Than Gold!
What asset has appreciated more than any asset since the year 2000?
The answer is not gold, but Farmland – by 1,200 percent!
Food prices are skyrocketing all across the globe,
and there’s no end in sight. Due to more money printing,
the cost to import foods from other nations looks to double in just the next two years.
In other words... Good-bye city life!
Is Homeland Security Spending Paying Off?
75 billion dollars a year has been paid out for Homeland Security.
There is a 1 in 2.5 million chance that a person would be killed by a terrorist -
the same chance of drowning in a bathtub. So, as Americans, and their children, get
manhandled by the blue shirts, it is disheartening.
5 Money Moves ‘Dr. Doom’ Is Making Now
Marc Farber says that financial conditions are today worse
than they were prior to the crisis in 2008 and here are five moves he is making...
1. Avoiding treasuries 2. Get out of cash because cash is trash.
3. Stocks offer some security. 4. Explore emerging markets.
5. Commodities like gold. I like that last one and include physical
silver as well.
Finally, Please prepare now for the developing economic
and social unrest. Good Day