Diego and Diego

Uploaded by viurecontigovlog on 24.06.2012

How are you???
what did you do yesterday? Did you party or not??
Are you with a hangover or not??
How is your next week??
in general..?
the university and stuff??
better, quiet.. quieter than before..
cuz i have exams in 2 weeks, and it's the last month
well, but I do have it with many troubles..
yeah, cuz we are starting July next month..
aaand the companies go on vacation
the institutes or schools also go on vacation
the students, the teachers…
and so the companies
and then those things about customer service and business
are already done by that time..
so we are finishing this month
I'm ready eh..
you ready??
I was telling you this, cuz I know it's a long topic haha xD
ha ha ha! =P
but Raquel doesn't take too long..
Look..!! No no, I don't take long..
no, she doesn't… fortunately ^^
that's something he can't complain about it ;)
I don't take too much time ;)
Look.. It's going full today
1, 2, 3, 4
hands up if you like the guitar earring..!! ^^
ohhh from my t-shirt, my t-shirt
the t-shirt
he liked it..
I'm always correct
It's okay right?? It looks nice..!
At least you can see what it is… ….what it is about..
your picture
blackkkk your t-shirt is….
I'm always right, aren't I..???
you were telling me that there was a t-shirt of ….
he was sat on a toilet aaaand...
I mean...
he was pooping
he was pooping.. xD
and it had written on it.. "the force be with you"
and you could see him sweating.. =D
and it was nice too..
but I liked this one more
yeah for next time ;)
next time..
next time ;)
Let's go..!
Let's go..!! :)
and as usual we'll see what to buy…
fortunately we can go to the movies with these things ;D
yeah here yes…!
Diego and Diego.. xD
both are yours
where it is? how's that?
where's da baby??
here he is.. :)
Where's da baby??
here he is :)
It's our favorite cartoon
We've seen all of them and together ;)
one of all our favorite cartoons
well one of them, but this is the best
well Toy Story too
yeah but I like this one more
I love it..!! <3
I love it a lot…!!! Specially the squirrel…
I love the squirrel..
That's the good thing of the movies at this time… That there's no body… xD
we have decided to watch …..
"Men in black"
yeah we'll watch "Men in black"
"Men in black, to see how is it..
Yes… I think it's gonna be good..
It was the most grossing film in The States, so let's see if the plot is like that..
well, see you in a couple of hours..
we'll tell you how was it ^^
we just came out from the movies
the view is not exactly from it
we said we're gonna watch "Men in black" It was very nice.. :D
It was nice the last part… and I was amused with the hole movie..
I was sad…
in the last part, right??
I almost cry.. :'(
she almost cry… :/
she had to drink her…..
I had to drink my juice to swallow my spit and not cry…
I'm very sensitive
Noo, it's just cuz the last part was pretty nice...
Watch it if you haven't yet..
yeah it's pretty well, right?
yeah I liked it..
nothing… we're just going home..
Sure…!!! :D Well I was gonna say that Will Smith is a good actor… but but…
it's true we're also going home.. =P
see ya there, see ya there…!
we've found a bunch of ants..
they're all together and we don't know why..
there's a meeting, there's a meeting.. xD
no no.. I think they're celebrating somebody's b-day… haha xD
or the neighbor next hole :) has done something to help... haha xD
but they're coming from a place, aren't they???
yeah… they're coming from there…
haha.. so funny… :D
Here we are "at home"… :)
we already arrive..
we're going, nooo no.. we want…
we want to show you something
if you haven't see it yet...
if you haven't see it yet… cuz we've been implementing it between today and yesterday...
yesterday midnight, well today midnight… =D
yeah today's midnight
and well, we like how it is now...
it's about a new design in youtube website
well the websites that we have in the different social networks
it's a new presentation.. it's a picture, isn't it??
well it's the logo of the network
So let's show it to you… ;)
ViureContigo has already a logo ;)
there it is…!!! There it is..!!
well thanks to "Hot diseños" ViureContigo's wall is like this :D
well in fact….
in fact… it was almost everything made by him…
because the only thing that we wanted, it was a…..
the logo with a combination of both us
my personality a lil crazy… haha xD
and Diego like someone more formal and quiet...
So we wanted the words with that combination
mine and Diego's as well
So this was the result
last day he sent two, and we chose this one
that we liked a lot
Besides that, the design has several segments
and every one of them represents what we do in the vlogs…
like the concerts, the trips...
the city, and also pictures of us vlogging..
yeah of course..
it is very nice..!
we are very happy
and this one is from twitter
and I really like how it looks..
really??.. :D
yeah.. cuz look...
yeah the logo and both of us on every side
yeah it's very nice... ;)
this is the real logo
near.. ViureContigo's logo
and this one in white
to play a little...
little by little we'll do more things with the logo
yeah in fact yes..
and finally from youtube
I like the one from youtube too
with the measures and stuff..
yeah both sides
yeah it came out very very nice...
and thanks to all of you
cus we have courage to continue and record
and to do more things…
So keep it posting to your friends, invite more people...
click on like, subscribe, post it…
make comments… ;)
do what you want with the videos… xD
yeah yeah… :D
so we can continue and continue and continue...
and the truth is that we are very happy… =)
we love to do this… It's really cool… ;)
haha…. we are everywhere… ;D
we have overrun the net
let's wait for it to load
because the Tumblr has several options to load the views
and here it is..
the description and the videos like small boards
and it'll have everything, photos, videos… so if you have tumblr, subscribe
and this is very useful cuz if you have an smartphone, etc
so if you have an android, IOS
so it's gonna be very useful cus it's like you have it at hand.. ;)
and besides from follow your own webs…
you can see our videos too… xD
and it's more comfortable.. of course.. ;)
and that's it about the social networks and websites…
we haven't overrun more things… :D
by the moment xD
by the moment, then we'll se what's next… :D
now it's time to go to rest… we are tired… :/
see you tomorrow as usual...
yeahhh…. see you tomorrow…!
see you tomorrow goodbye..! :)
ContigoViure … a video tomorrow..