The Guild Cast Working Together - The Guild Behind-the-Scenes S6 Ep 4

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KIM EVEY: The thing about "The Guild" is that Felicia has
created such clear characters.
And so putting them together is just extremely fun.
It's just like, she has a great time, I think, every
season before she's going to write figuring out OK, well,
who can I match up.
FELICIA DAY: I really do feel like this season kind of
congealed in that you believe that they're just casual
friends now.
There's no inhibition.
They're really people who, if they had a problem, they would
go to each other.
SANDEEP PARIKH: A lot of my scenes this year are back with
the main cast, as opposed to last year which was a little
bit more like Kevin Sorbo, Stan Lee, you know.
But this is like a little bit of a homecoming in some ways
because we're working with people that I've worked with
for now, oh my god, five years.
JEFF LEWIS: The really fun part is between takes we're
just sitting there, just making jokes and just having
fun with each other and it's great to see everybody.
There's a long time between seasons.
So it's always kind of a reunion.
It's always fun to have all six of us.
I mean, we've known each other pretty intensely since 2007,
so whenever we get together it's kind of silly and it
feels just, I don't know, not magical, maybe awful?
But no, it feels good.
It's always fun.
SANDEEP PARIKH: I worked with some cast members one-on-one
that I haven't done before.
I think I love that we get paired up with someone that we
haven't done a lot of scenes with in prior seasons.
So this year it was like me and Tink a lot of the times.
AMY OKUDA: Yeah, "The Guild" was my first acting job and I
remember going on set for the first time, season one, and
talking to a blank computer, like, wow.
Kim Evey or Felicia's reading out everyone's lines and I was
thinking, oh, acting's not as fun as I thought it
was going to be.
It's actually really hard to just talk to a
blank screen to myself.
So when we do these big scenes with everybody and you
actually get to react off of each other and see, those are
always my favorite when we all get to be together.
It gets a little hectic on set, just because it's not
like we have trailers.
And we're all kind of hanging out in a little tiny hallway,
fighting for chairs and stuff.
VINCENT CASO: We always enjoy I think.
We're being able to work off of each other but the balance
we struck in this season I think is unique
and was really cool.
ROBIN THORSEN: I think it's awesome that since we've been
working together so long, we're just
like, hey, what's up?
Let's do this.
We're old friends.