Україна без корупції!

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Two thirds of Ukrainians want to join the EU
However, according to the level of corruption, we find ourselves among the most troubled African countries
In 2011, almost two thirds of Ukrainians gave bribes,
With each year, more and more people feel that corruption has increased
Corruption has penetrated all the spheres of our lives:
This is how it happens every day:
in hospitals: 55% of the respondents were demanded to buy medicine or tools; 52% were demanded to pay a "charitable" contribution 32% were forced to pay for the officially free medical services
at schools: 55% were demanded to contribute money to the fund of the class; 56% - to additionally pay for the maintenance 51% contributed money for the flowers or gifts for the teachers, 33% of them were forced to do it
with the traffic police: (within four years, the level of traffic police corruption has increased from 40% to 45%)
when registering accommodation: (when registering or privatizing real estate - from 23% to 32%)
paying taxes (at tax inspections - from 20% to 29%)
and gaining higher education: (at higher educational establishments - from 44% to 50%)
In 2009, for each two cases of demanding a bribe, there was one case of voluntary payment.
In 2011, the demand increased.
During each fourth contact with an official, citizens are requested to give a bribe, and only each tenth offers a bribe him- or herself
Who will protect us from corruption? Most people think it should be the President. But there's a paradox:
the very same people do not trust the President (only 14% trusted the President in 2011) and do not believe that he and his administration are willing to overcome corruption (in 2011, only 17% believed they are)
Ukrainians hope that the government will fight corruption (78% say the President is responsible for fighting corruption, 45% - Members of Parliament, 33% - ministers; 33% - policemen; 18% - citizens)
However, at the same time, they believe that the high-level parliamentarians and government officials are the major bearer of corruption (55%-parliament 47%-Cabinet of Ministers 41%-President & his administration 39%-regional govt. 33%-local self-govern.
Only each fifth believes that fighting corruption is a responsibility of grassroots
Nevertheless, there are still the bright side
The number of those who do not want to tolerate corruption is growing
even if corruption would help them solve their own problems.
Approximately one third of Ukrainians declare their willingness to fight corruption,
however, in reality, only 4 out of 100 of victims of corruption tried to protect their rights.
We are used to thinking that corruption is a part of our lives. (above: number of deaths per 10,000 vehicles below: level of corruption)
Indeed, corruption is death!
It is time to realize: corrupted countries are never wealthy.
We can further wait that someone will save us from corruption
but corruption is based on our agreement to give and to accept bribes.
If you are opposed to corruption, don't give bribes. If officials demand them, report it to the responsible agencies or to the website:
If you are an active person and are ready for vigorous actions, join civic initiatives
report traffic policemen demanding bribes, record a video of it
filter out corrupted politicians off the parliament (
learn how other Ukrainians fight corruption (
Only we can liberate the country and ourselves from corruption
Ukraine without corruption!