8 Horas No Escritório - Versão Do Diretor (English subtitles)

Uploaded by alceman2 on 09.05.2009

Check in: 08:01
- You're late!
- But ... Is 8 hours!
- 8 and 1! You have many reports to do. And I am sure that time will be discounted!
- This is fucking it all wrong! You are an idiot! A monkey is better than you!
- But ... Uh ... But this is your report!
- And that is why it is perfect! I was just testing you, you have to be even smarter. This is an impeccable work!
Lunch Time: 12:05
- Where do you think will?
- Lunch? - Lunch? Lunch ? Why?
- Why is my time for lunch!
- You can go weaklings. So you are slow. You know just eat. Go!
- Sissy girl !
- You are on the internet! - This is the email ...
- Exactly! You are loving instead of working!
- ... E-mail the company!
- This time you escaped ... But I am an eye on you!
- You idiot. This report has only 5,999 of the 6,000 pages that I sent you print!
- But the leaves have just now.
- Have just now? Have just now? Have just now?
- I am sick of your excuses! You're fired!
- Wait, you think you going?
- Although? - Although? Why?
- But you have me fired!
- What fired the ... Stop the excuses and back to work!
- End Time: 18:07
- I need to talk to you.
- You are a special man!
- People like you are important to the company! Important to me!
- They are pillars for the company, For religion. For policy. To the world.
- It is very stress! I can not stand the day to day. Without pespectiva of life. Without future.
- The things I do. The people that I have to cajole. The persons have to queue sodomized.
- My wife ignores me. My son ignores me. My grandmother ignores me.
- I embrace friend.