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LAUREN GOTTLIEB (OFFSCREEN): Madonna premieres "Give Me All
Your Luvin'," Channing Tatum busts a move on SNL, and The
Cleveland Show goes strictly ballroom.
This is Just Dance for February 9, 2012.
Hi everyone, I'm Lauren Gottlieb.
I talked about it all of January, Madonna's Super Bowl
halftime show.
It came and it was epic.
Her 13-minute set was directed by the brilliant, Jamie King.
And it had choreography from Rich and Tone, Stefanie Roos,
Tabitha D'umo, and Alison Faulk.
She started off as an Egyptian goddess to "Vogue." Now this
is probably some of the best choreography I've
seen in a long time.
It was super precise and it showed that
less really is more.
Next she went into her hit song, "Music," where she had
b-boys dancing down bleachers.
Which I don't think you should try at home.
Plus there was a super special cameo from LMFAO, where we saw
Madonna shuffle it out.
After that she went into her new song, "Give Me All Your
Luvin'," where she had a group of dancers dressed as
cheerleaders, and was joined by Nicki Minaj and MIA.
I don't really think MIA needed to flip the bird, but
it happened.
And last but not least, she performed my all-time favorite
Madonna song, "Like A Prayer." She was joined by a full
gospel choir and Cee Lo Green.
What more can you ask for to end one of my all-time
favorite Super Bowl halftime shows?
A few days before the Super Bowl halftime show, Madonna
premiered her new music video for "Give Me All Your Luvin' "
on American Idol.
It also features heavy hitters Nicki Minaj and MIA.
It was obvious she was gearing up for the Super Bowl halftime
show because all of her dancers were dressed as
football players and cheerleaders.
To me, it proves that Madonna still can get all the top
football players.
There's so much dance in this video, and I have to give mad
props to Alison Faulk for taking the lead in
choreographing the video for the Queen of Pop.
Channing Tatum hosted SNL over the weekend, and there were
several sketches where he got in touch with his dancing
grooves, stripping.
He danced during his opening monologue, as Matthew
McConaughey with bongos, as a teenage boy at his best
friend's bat mitzvah, as Tom Brady the night before the
Superbowl, and as a male stripper at
Bongo's Clown Room.
Nicole Serapiglia choreographed, and I think
this is just the start of us seeing his stripping skills.
He's starring in the upcoming film, Magic Mike, which is
based on his real life as a male stripper.
That's kind of hot.
On February 12, Fox is airing a dance-themed episode of The
Cleveland Show.
They're spoofing Dancing With the Stars with an episode
called, "Dirty Dancing 3," where Donna and Cleveland, Jr.
enter a ballroom dancing competition called, "Dancing
With the Stools."
There's some hilarious dance scenes in this episode, and
Fox was kind enough to give Just Dance exclusive access to
one of them.
Click here to watch the full scene and remember, you saw it
here first.
Smash finally premiered on NBC and it was a smash hit.
11.5 million tuned into the series premiere, and I think
the numbers will keep going strong.
Las week, Just Dance had an exclusive interview with the
series choreographer, Josh Bergasse.
If you missed that, click on the link to our Smash playlist
in the description below.
We have our very first Smash FYI recap with YouTube
comedian, Lisa [INAUDIBLE].
Click here to see what she thought
of the series premiere.
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is now available on
Blu-ray and DVD combo-pack.
The Neil Patrick Harris dance scene is hilarious.
And Just Dance spoke with choreographer Courtney Miller
to find out what it was like to work with NPH.
COURTNEY MILLER: Hi, I'm Courtney Miller, and I'm the
choreographer of A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.
The main dance sequence, Harold and Kumar, they're
resting in an alley.
And a backstage manager comes out and says, hey you guys,
the cigarette break is over.
She pulls them onto the stage, and when they look it's Neil
Patrick Harris.
This scene is kind of like the Rockettes meets Britney Spears
with a little bit of comedy in there.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: I know you guys love free stuff.
I mean, who doesn't?
So we have some copies of the Harold and Kumar 3 combo-pack
to giveaway to a few lucky fans.
In the first Harold and Kumar film they
went to White Castle.
In the second, they went to Guantanamo Bay.
And in the third, they shot down Santa and his sleigh.
To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below telling us what
you think should happen in the next
Harold and Kumar adventure.
And remember, you must be a subscriber to Dance On to win.
The 54th annual Grammy Awards are live Sunday night.
The Grammys are by far the most entertaining awards show
of the season with performances that are sure to
be talked about the next day.
This year's line-up is Nicki Minaj, Adele, Coldplay, Katy
Perry, and Bruno Mars just to name a few.
Let's check in with Meghan for her Grammy picks.
MEGHAN TONJES: Hey, guys, it's Meghan Tonjes, tonjesml on
YouTube, and I am here to give you some of my Grammy
predictions for Dance On.
For Album of the Year, for me it's clearly between either 21
by Adele or Born This Way by Lady Gaga.
And I want it to be 21, but I feel like it's going to be
Born this Way.
So for Song of the Year, three of my favorite artists are in
this category which makes it impossible.
I have Mumford and Sons and Bon Iver, but I think that
Adele is totally going to take it. (SINGING) There's a fire
starting in my soul.
That gets stuck in your head, you can't get it out.
Then we have Best Dance Recording.
I'm going to have to give this to Robyn, "Call Your
Girlfriend." I think that that track and that
album is kind of genius.
So if there's any song here, like, if it started playing,
I'd totally be in a club dancing.
"Call Your Girlfriend" is a little bit angsty, it's a
little bit dance.
Crying and dancing is always a good thing, at least that's
what they tell me.
And finally we have Best Dance/Electronica Album.
I want her to win all the Grammy's so I'm going to give
Best Dance/Electronica Album to Robyn, Body Talk, Pt.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: In case you missed the episode of Mobbed,
it was about a 37-year-old man who meets his father for the
very first time.
It was definitely a tear-jerker.
There was a couple of really cool new elements added into
this episode.
There's a bowling alley scene with glow in the dark makeup
and indoor sky divers leading the son through the mob.
Stick with Just Dance to find out when the next all-new
episode of Mobbed will air on Fox.
So I actually have some sad news for you.
There is no Dance Moms breaking news this week.
I know, terribly sad.
If you missed the 5th episode of Dance Moms, click here for
Todrick Hall's all-new FYI recap.
All right, that's all I have for you this week.
Don't forget to enter the Harold and Kumar giveaway.
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I'll see you all next week.

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