DIY HID Xenon Install: 2006 Honda Civic

Uploaded by XenonSupply on 20.12.2009

Hey, thanks for tuning in my name is Phil with and
today we're going to be installing HID lights on a 2006 Honda Civic
it will work on all 2006 Honda Civics including the SI
these are the tools we're going to need in order to do the HID conversion on your car
we need a tire iron to remove the tire
or a 19mm socket it's the same thing
a 10mm socket for your battery terminal
a socket wrench
preferably two flatheads
one skinny one short
and wire clippers
one of the first things you need to do on any installation
on your vehicle
is remove the battery terminal
the battery is located right side drivers side here we only need to remove the positive terminal
just lift up this hood here
this is the 10mm socket I was talking about
go ahead and loosen it
give it a few knocks to knock it loose
you should be able to pull it up
ever so slightly
now once it's off you don't want to run the risk of allowing the terminal to touch the
battery again
close the hood
and i'd prefer to take some painters tape
and just wrap it around just
to make sure
that the battery terminal cover doesn't come loose
and that there's no chance that they will touch
while working on your car
alright let's move on
now in order for us to get access to the headlights
we need to remove the wheel
to get to the wheel
we hve to lift the car up on a jack
the jack point for this car
from the user manual
is this bar
right here along the left side skirt
now that we have the car jacked up
you want to make sure we have a fail safe so the car doesn't hit the ground if the jack malfunctions
I've got a jack stand here
you're going to be placing it
right next to the jack make sure you have it high enough
right next to it
just in case it fails it will at least hit the jack stand
and you can go ahead and take care of that emergency when it takes place
there are two types of clips that hold the wheel shround
onto the driver's side
there's a smaller one here
and it is depresses in wait for the click sound and it's on
to remove them you have to take a screwdriver
a flathead
lift from underneath
and pull up
until it pops out
this is the easy one
the larger one
is a little bit bigger and harder to use
to take it out you have to get your screwdriver inbetween
and slowly work its way up around
until you have enough room to take your fingers and pull it out
there are three of these special type of clips
on the inside of the wheel well
on the back side here
one, two
and three
the rest of them
the simpler clips to use
are evenly spaced all along the shroud on the inside
there should be twelve in total
make sure you take them all out
and this entire shroud will come out and you can access the
headlight housing
in addition there's one clip that needs to come out from the bottom in order for you to remove the shroud
I'm going to show you this location right now
It'll be up here
it's all the way up here
now that we have removed all the clips
we're going to remove the shroud
from the driver's side
wheel well come around here and take a look
you're going to start from the back here
all this should just come out
and it's pretty simple
right until you get to this section here
there is some plastic tucked in around
the well here you have to remove
so just be very gradual
doesn't have to be too strong
just start pulling back
don't be afraid to get a little aggressive
and there you go now it's off
you want to tug the back side
underneath and down
just like this
now we have full access to the headlight housings
and we can replace the bulbs
now that we have the shroud removed we can get access to the headlight housing
get a little bit closer here and I can show you how to remove a stock halogen bulb
the stock halogen bulb
is right up in this crevice here
kind of hard to get access to
when you do get access to it there is a small tab in the back end of that
connector that you have to press down and pull away
and it should come apart
so we'll do that quick here
push down on that tab pull down
that connector should come out
now you're going to take the stock halogen bulb
right up here turn counterclockwise about forty five degrees
you should feel a little click
and it should release
pull straight out
and there's your bulb
what I have here is a 6000K
9006 type
HID replacement bulb
as you can see here
it has a number of wires you're going to need to connect
while you're inside accessing that headlight housing
so get a little bit closer here I'm going to show you how to install it
now what you have to remember with this bulb is that there's a grounding wire
this grounding wire always has to be facing down
when it installs into the light
so this one in particular since we know it's counterclockwise from the start
we're going to be twisting it clockwise now to get it back in
you're going to start in at an angle so the grounding wire is pointing to your right
about forty five degrees bottom
and you're going to be twisting it
clockwise I'm going to go ahead and do that
let's see if we can get it in here
and just be very careful and gentle
so now it's in
turn clockwise
and you can feel it tighten
now that's in
you know a lot of wires
that need to be connected
the kits ballast that you see here
the larger of the wires connects
right here
wait for the click
let that hange down here just for a minute we're going to mount it soon here
there are two wires your power and your ground wire
for the actual kit
these wires
connect to these corresponding wires
from the bulb
so go ahead and connect those
there's only one way you can do it so you can't do it wrong
the last wire connector that needs to be attached is the white connector that originally went to the stock halogen bulb
it goes to a separate connector going to the HID bulb I'm going to show you how to do it right now
this is the last one here it's a little bit tricky
I need you to get in and see real quick here
there is one tab
that has to be depressed to get it in
sometimes you just have
to feel it out
wait for the click
and now it's on
to clean up all the wiring you're going to need two zip ties
and you're going to need to take this ballast push all this wiring through
hole here
and you're going to be zip tying to this bracket that comes across and attaches to the right side
of the bumper
so first
take your two zip ties
these come in the kit
actually pull them together like so
take all your wiring
push it through the hole
and rest the HID kit
on this
bracket here
once it's in place
take your zip tie
wrap it around
and pull it tight
you may want to put two sets in there there's enough zip ties in the kit for two sets
make sure it's snug
doesn't move around much
and as always
clip your ends
and that should be that
the wires are all out of the way they're not going to effect any existing system
you're just going to put the shroud back together put your wheel back on and you've got yourself some