Cooking with Coca-Cola - Southen Cola Drink Recipe

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Hey, How are you, My name is Greg Best, I am a
bartender here at Holeman and Finch Public House in Atlanta, Georgia.
I am going to be talking to you about Coca-Cola and
how we use Coca-Cola in the land of Mixology.
Mixology is a hot topic in the food and wine world. What is Mixology, where did the term
come from. It is actually and old which which delineates the "geeks" of the cocktail world.
those of us who decide to take the ingredients we are using to the
next level and erase the boarders that exist in the cocktail culture
Coca-Cola in its application in Mixology is actually incredible. Coca-Cola, most of us
think of it as a simple softdrink, but it is a soft drink
with infinite layers of flavors.
and mouth feel so it lends itself well to the art of the cocktail.
I am going to be working on a few cocktails today with Coke and we are going to talk why
the work in each application and we are just going to have some fun. So lets get started.
The first cocktail I am going to make today is called a "Southern Cola." which we developed
here at Holeman & Finch and it has taken off as one of our house favorites.
Very easy to build, very simple lineup, but it is a tremendously complex cocktail.
the fun thing about this drink is that it is just
continually evolving which we will get into in a second
The first thing I am going to start with is this "Georgia green" bell shaped
glass and we are going to add a frozen cube of lime juice
to do that at home all you need to do is take a ice cube tray and put 3
parts lime juice to one part water and set it up overnight and you have lime cubes
the next ingredient, Amaro, Amaro is an Italian herbal liqueur,
it has a tremendous eucalyptus and minty flavor profile.
as well as dark caramel notes and kinda earthy spices. Amaro is
generally consumed as a digestivo after a meal to soothe the stomach
Amaro works beautifully with Coke because it actually shares the flavor profile of Coca-Cola
The last ingredient, Coca-Cola itself.
now, as we mentioned, Coke has undercurrents of citrus and spice
well, whats going to happen, as you can see, is this beautiful foaming at the
top which is eating away at the lime cube releasing all that citrus character
the idea behind this cocktail is that the longer you
are sipping it, the longer it is changing
it goes from herbal, spicy right into soft and sweet.
I am Greg Best from Holeman and Finch here in Atlanta, Georgia,
why don't you come see us. Southern Cola. Cheers.