Baby Mama (2/11) Movie CLIP - I Just Don't Like Your Uterus (2008) HD

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I just don't Iike your uterus:
Don't get me wrong:
Your eggs are in great shape, but you have a T-shaped uterus:
That combined with your advanced maternal age,
it's preventing proper implantation:
Why do I have this T-shaped uterus?
WelI, probably has something to do with medication
that was given to your mother when she was pregnant with you:
We used Iot of drugs back in the '70s
which we now know can cause infertility:
Yeah: I would say that your chances of conceiving are very Iow:
How Iow?
WelI, I don't want to assign a number to it:
What would you assign it? A color, a nickname, a Iocker?
One in a milIion:
I just don't Iike:::
Don't say that again:
ROSE: Come to think of it,
I did take something for Iiver spots when I was pregnant with you,
but I realIy don't see how that could cause any problems for your uterus:
It was just a different time: They didn't warn people about side effects:
ROSE: They warned me:
I think I might even have signed something:
Kate, I was 30 years old: I was starting to get Iiver spots: Liver spots!
I just hope you put this baby mania to rest:
It's not mania:
How many times have you tried now?
Three? Nine:
The Iast two were in vitro:
Have you considered adoption?
I have applied for an adoption, yes:
Kate, please don't get a black baby:
WelI, I don't think we'II have to worry about that,
because for a single woman,
it can take about five years to get an adoption:
I've just had it with alI these movie stars showing off:
"Look at me and my black baby:"
KilI me: I want you to stab me with something:
You know, Kate, not everyone is as tolerant
of your alternative Iifestyle as we are:
Being single is not an alternative Iifestyle:
It is when you're 37: