The Housebubble in USA (Swedish reporter in Florida)

Uploaded by Consensus2012 on 11.12.2011


American banks has foreclosed more houses
during the past months then ever.
The estates are now sold at
a fractional price as it was earlier.
We joined one of the auctions in Florida.

Here, in Flipflops and shorts,
we find the winners taking the buisness oportunety
to buy cheep when thousends of foreclosures
are sold as real bargins in sunny Florida.

During a few intence hours 200 real estates are sold
and It is the buyers market.

The atmosphere is tense and awaiting.
Mostly there is new houses sold
and with small signs buyers
raises the price a couple of 1000 dollars at the time.
Its a show and entertainment
but in the same time it is very serious business.

Only Nevada was hit harder then Florida
when the US house market collapsed.
The only thing you need to become a housowner
is 2500 dollars in cash and a deal with a bank.

All toghether has more then 2,5 million homes
has been forclosured the past three years.
When this day is summerized in Orelando,
nobody thinks of the people
who seen the American Dream vanish.