IEM - 25 Year Anniversary

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Hello, I’m Madhu Beriwal, President and CEO of IEM. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary,
I am proud to look back at what this unique company has accomplished since our beginning.
I started IEM in 1985 when emergency management was not a well-known field. I was drawn to
it because it includes all the challenges of management, with emergencies mixed in.
Early on, I realized that the way we do emergency planning is seriously flawed.
Science and technology are missing. I founded IEM to address this need.
This need now covers the globe and the larger area of risk management. Today, 25 years after
I started this company, IEM provides services in homeland security, emergency management,
information technology, national defense, and public performance management.
We have had the signature privilege of being involved in some of the major disasters
in this country’s history. I was a member of a Defense Science Board
panel chartered by the Department of Defense and the CIA that looked at how intelligence
is gathered against terrorism. The report was submitted in the summer of 2001.
And then there was Hurricane Pam, IEM’s simulated storm
that became reality in Hurricane Katrina.
Over our 25-year history, IEM has supported the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security,
and Health and Human Services, combining science and technology to keep people safer.
We have supported projects in a number of other countries around the globe,
such as Turkey, Russia, and Korea.
We are one of few companies that combine deep subject matter knowledge with extensive technology
expertise, allowing us to develop solutions that truly work for the people who need them.
IEM faces a strong and dynamic set of markets. Homeland Security is now
a 140 billion dollar market globally. Worldwide IT spending is expected to exceed
3.4 trillion by 2011. And after this major global recession, governments all over
the world must find ways to provide services with fewer funds.
As we enter the next 25 years of IEM’s history, our vision is to be the number one risk management
company, not just in terms of revenues, but in terms of producing results for our customers.
We want to recreate the era of true collaboration between companies and countries,
producing meaningful results that we can all be proud of.
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