Medical Office Software - For Practice Managers

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Kareo cloud based medical billing and practice management software gives you the mobility of working from home,
from the office, or from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
Conveniently access a dashboard of key performance indicators for snapshot of your financial metrics.
The dashboard thoughtfully designed click through feature lets you quickly access relevant details.
Use Kareo's task list engine to collaborate with your office staff so each team member stays on top of the scheduling,
billing, and collections processes.
In addition to viewing patient information quickly and easily viewing account history
you and your staff will also participate paid in reducing downstream denials
by using Kareo to perform real time Insurance eligibility verifications right there at the patient check in desk.
Meanwhile you'll use Kareo's integrated document management system to allow you to conveniently scan and store relevant documentation such as
Patient insurance cards or any other paper based supporting information you feel necessary.
Intuitive calendars with configurable scheduling rules
will make it easy to manage appointments and resources via daily, weekly, and monthly views.
Drastically reduce patient no shows by activating the schedulers automated e-mail
and telephone voice reminders
to keep patients aware about upcoming appointments.
You can customize office hours, color code customizable time blocks, configure custom appointed reasons,
and even set up additional appointment calendars to manage scheduling for non Physician Resources such as exam rooms or x-ray machines.
Meanwhile your office staff will shine by offering your Physicians the ability to customize
their encounters from a library of over 25 encounter templates.
Your medical builder will love you for this,
encounters printed from the Kareo appointment scheduler will include a convenient reference
number that your Biller can later used to accelerate the charge entry process.
They simply type the reference number into the Kareo encounter window and Kareo will populate related
patient information effectively saving your bill are hundreds of keystrokes throughout the day.
Generate powerful reports and stunning charts.
Use the missed encounters report, for example, to make sure that every appointment on your schedule
has a corresponding charge billed to a payer. This valuable feature help to proactively identify potential hot spots in your documentation
of a patient visit such as missing batches of super bills that may not have been received by your medical biller.
You can even schedule automated e-mail a productivity reports to ensure that you
know how the business is going at all times no matter where you are.
And in addition to a robust library of over 75 standard reports a Kareo supplied add-in for Microsoft excel will extend your reporting
capability by allowing you to conduct advanced queries while leveraging the powerful, data filters, sorting engine,
and graphical charting features in Microsoft's powerful Excel Software Product.
choose the plans and pricing option now, to learn more about the bounty of productivity features that will help your practice get paid faster,
lower its costs, and allow its staff to be more productive. By choosing
plans and pricing you can learn more about additional productivity features such as
patient statements, electronic credit card processing,
automated e-mail reports,
online E mail and telephone support that helps you through your implementation
with zero startup costs and no long-term contracts.
Learn more, choose a plans and pricing option now