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Hello, everyone.
The It's Academic production line is in full swing.
We are taking orders for this week.
Peakhurst Public School, green all week.
Please welcome today Jacinta, Madeline is the team captain,
and Leroy.
Ashbury Public School is red.
We have Benji,
Finn is the team captain, and Aurora.
And finally, Warragamba Public School is purple.
Please welcome Chelsea, Dylan is the team captain, and Darcy as well.
Very happy children on that production line, they are.
Possibly, they didn't like being referred to in that respect
but it's going to be a great week.
Thank you very much for being with us.
Thank you for being with us at home as well.
On the program today -
the Random Spotlight, of course, you get your 20 bonus points,
which can mean a lot at the end of the week.
They all add up.
Sal profiles surfer Bethany Hamilton today.
Good to be out on the waves.
And an Australian country music legend that sadly passed on.
That is very shortly.
He is a special human being.
Peakhurst - Jacinta, Madeline, Leroy, are you ready for me?
Shall we do it?
Let's go. Enthusiasm, children!
Question 1. Good luck.
What was the name of former US president George W Bush's pet dog,
which was a Scottish terrier, born in September 2000 -
was it A, Barney or was it B, Bruno?
Barney is correct.
Good name, Barney. I like that name.
How many 'L's in the word 'baseball'?
Two. Two is correct.
Hello to the Mudgereeba Redsox,
for whom my son plays for these days.
The ankh, that is A-N-K-H, is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph
symbolising what - A, life or B, sand?
Life. Life is correct, Madeline.
The symbol is a cross with a loop at the top.
Which number is represented by the Roman numeral LIII?
(WHISPERS) 53. 53.
That would be 53, which brings us to a potential Clean Sweep question,
if you get this one right.
The 2011 single 'Inescapable' was released by which artist -
A, Stan Walker or B, Jessica Mauboy?
B, it was - Jessica Mauboy.
Staying on 140 points, but that's a very good start from the green team.
Benji, Finn, Aurora - Ashbury, welcome.
Good luck. Let's go. Question 1.
When Great Britain's King Edward VII died,
his pet dog joined the funeral procession.
What was the dog's name - A, Napoleon or B, Caesar?
(WHISPERS) Caesar. (WHISPERS) Napoleon.
B is correct. Caesar it was.
How many 'G's in the word 'lagoon'?
(WHISPERS) One. One.
One is correct.
In Ancient Egypt, what was stored in a canopic jar -
A, the insides removed from an embalmed body
or B, mechanical clocks?
It was the insides removed from an embalmed body,
usually made of stone, wood or pottery.
Which number is represented by the Roman numeral LXXXV?
(WHISPERS) 85. 85.
85 is correct.
And Ashbury, too, have a look at a Clean Sweep question, potentially.
The 2011 single 'A Thousand Years' was released by which artist -
A, Christina Perri or B, Nero?
A. Is correct.
Christina Perri, Finn, good guess, if it was a guess.
Five out of five brings you a Clean Sweep question,
which goes like this...
Chance to make it 170 points.
..beginning with 'B', what word is the name of a flying insect
(WHISPERS) Butterfly. Butterfly.
Of course, it would be a butterfly.
Well done, kids. 170.
Let's keep it rolling, shall we?
A Random Spotlight to make it 190, and the perfect start to the week
in our production factory.
This comes to Benji, whose special topic is the ozone layer.
90% of ozone is found within the second major layer
in Earth's atmosphere.
Beginning with 'S', what is this layer called?
Well done. 190.
Chelsea, Dylan, Darcy - Warragamba have it to do here in Round 1.
Good luck, kids.
What was the name of Queen Victoria's pet dog,
a collie who died in 1887 -
B. It was A. It was Noble.
Question 2.
Two is correct. Well done, Dylan.
In ancient Egypt, what was a shabti, that's S-H-A-B-T-I -
or B, a small statue placed in a tomb?
It was indeed a small statue placed in a tomb.
Which number is represented by the Roman numeral XXXIX?
39. 39.
Dylan is straight onto it.
The 2011 single 'Breathing' was released by which artist -
A, Katy Perry or B, Jason Derulo?
B. That is correct as well.
140, Warragamba.
190 - the lead is with Ashbury at this stage of the game.
High standards being set today.
Now, as promised...
..I grew up on a dairy farm in New South Wales.
I wrote my first song at the age of just 10.
Over the course of my career, I recorded over 100 albums.
I'm sometimes called the Historian of the Bush,
the father of singer Anne Kirkpatrick,
former husband of dear Joy.
Who am I?
My real name - David Gordon Kirkpatrick,
better known as the one and only Slim Dusty.
I was the first singer in the world
to have my voice beamed from space to Earth, did Slim.
I'm known for singing 'Lights on the Hill'
and also 'Waltzing Matilda'.
from his association with country music.
That's very nice.
Ashbury - Benji, Finn, Aurora, 190 into Round 2.
If an event is momentous -
is it A, of great importance or B, insignificant?
A. Correct.
Momentous, like your first day at school.
What is 8.4 - 5.2?
(WHISPERS) 3.2. 3.2.
In time, is correct.
What is the sailing term for the thin piece of wood or other material
inserted into a sail to give it its shape -
(WHISPERS) Batten. B.
That is correct.
Spell 'crater', as in,
"The meteorite crater was located in the middle of the desert."
Just swapped a little vowel there.
C-R-A-T-E-R for 'crater', it is, Finn.
Reduce 110 by 10%.
What number do we come up with?
99 is the answer we were looking for.
Ashbury, 220 points after Round 2.
Attention now switches to Warragamba for their Random Spotlight.
Their first one of the week.
Captain Dylan is in the spotlight.
Special topic - planets of the solar system.
What planet is fourth in line from the sun
and is sometimes referred to as the red planet?
That, of course, would be Mars, Dylan.
Well done.
160 into Round 2, purple.
If you are oblivious to what's going on around you -
are you A, totally unaware or B, keenly aware?
You are A, totally unaware, if you are oblivious.
If you work in a television studio crew,
usually you're oblivious to everything.
You focus on your own job.
You don't hear anyone, like the director.
What is 7.9 - 2.5?
That is...6.4.
That is 5.4.
On a sailing boat,
what is the term for the lower corner of a square sail -
A, the clew, that's C-L-E-W, or B, the cellar?
A. It is A.
Spell 'serpent', as in,
"The serpent wound itself around the tree branch."
Question 5.
Reduce 1,000 by 25% -
25% - and give me a number.
Reduce 1,000 by 25%, we get 750.
Warragamba, 170 after Round 2.
If you imply that you don't really like your friend's new haircut -
do you A, hint at it or B, spell it out bluntly?
A. That is correct. You hint at it.
You imply that it's kind of OK.
What is 4.2 - 1.1?
3.1. Correct, Madeline.
On a sailing boat,
what's the term for the forward or leading edge of the sail -
A, the lament or B, the luff?
A. B.
B, the luff is correct.
Spell 'hungry', as in,
"He was so hungry his stomach started growling."
ALL: Hungry. That is correct.
And question 5.
Reduce 200 by 20%.
Give me a number.
160, Jacinta, it is.
We found a little chink in the system with those questions.
which brings us to a Beat the Buzzer round.
Good luck. Clock starts now.
What is 98 - 53?
45. Is correct.
In 'High School Musical 3',
what number does Troy wear on his basketball jersey?
Yes, you're onto it, Madeline.
Which of these is a body of water - a dither or a firth?
Firth. Firth is correct.
Do sharks have a swim bladder to control buoyancy?
Yes. No.
What is 66 + 24?
At the 2011 Rugby World Cup,
who won the September 23 match between Australia and the USA?
Australia. It was Australia, Leroy.
And I'm not going to get that next question in.
Good ground made up from the green school.
The lead - Ashbury, 230.
Halfway stage. First day of the week.
See you back shortly.
ANNOUNCER: This series, our contestants will take home
the Encyclopaedia Britannica 2012 Ultimate Reference Suite on DVD-ROM.
Whether it's for homework or just for fun,
students can explore subjects like science, sport,
history and geography, thanks to Encyclopaedia Britannica.
And thanks to Literacy Planet,
our contestants will be motivated to work on their literacy skills
with a 12-month home subscription
that is aligned with the Australian English curriculum.
As I tell my kids, you have to be able to deal with adversity in life.
The human spirit can soar.
Here's Sal today with a truly great story.
Bethany Hamilton
is definitely someone with a whole lot of determination
and a never-give-up attitude.
Bethany was eight when she entered and won her first surf competition,
But on 31 October 2003, when Bethany was 13, her life changed.
While surfing off a beach in Hawaii,
Bethany was attacked by a tiger shark,
losing her left arm almost up to the shoulder.
Determined not to let the accident stop her from doing what she loved,
Bethany was back in the water only a month after the attack.
In January 2004, Bethany returned to surfing competitions
going on to win a national title only a year after losing her arm.
Then, in 2007, Bethany's dream came true when she turned pro.
Since then, Bethany has used her story and experience
to inspire and help others through talks
and by starting a foundation
to support other shark attack survivors and amputees.
Pretty inspiring, don't you think?
You bet you, Sal. What a great story.
Amazing woman.
Question for everyone.
According to Sally, in what year did Bethany turn pro?
2007, it was, Finn.
You're locked out.
This one for Peakhurst and Warragamba only.
According to Sally, how old was Bethany
when she entered her first surf competition?
LEROY AND MADELINE: Eight. Eight years old is correct.
We go back to Warragamba for Round 3.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'parallel', 'parasite' or 'paramount'?
No-one. 'Parallel'.
Have a look at the picture.
What bird is this - A, a grey crowned crane
or B, an American golden plover?
It's an A, a grey crowned crane.
Eastern and Southern Africa.
In 'Lady Friday',
the fifth book in the series 'The Keys to the Kingdom'
by Garth Nix,
what key is Arthur in possession of -
A, the sixth key or B, the fourth key?
B, the fourth key.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
'I'. Correct, for 'fierce tiger'.
Question 5.
A, Singapore or B, Brazil?
Warragamba, 180.
Don't worry, kids. It will come back to you.
Peakhurst. Round 3, green now.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'hostess', 'hostile' or 'hostage'?
Hostage. 'Hostage' is correct.
"The hostile hostess took a hostage."
There you go.
Have a look at the picture on screen.
What bird is this -
A, a crimson chat or B, a glossy swiftlet?
It is a crimson chat. Cute little thing.
At the beginning of 'Lady Friday',
the fifth book in the series 'The Keys to the Kingdom'
A, the middle house or B, the low house?
Which letter is missing from these two words?
Correct, for 'gifted child', of which you all are, of course.
Which country won gold at the 2011 World Netball Championships -
A, Australia or B, New Zealand?
B. It was Australia, A.
They beat New Zealand 58-57 in the final.
250, Peakhurst.
Bring on a Random Spotlight now for the green team.
Their first one of the week.
That will be...
..Leroy in the spotlight.
Special topic, after my own heart - Cricket World Cup 2011.
to win the 2011 Cricket World Cup final?
Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka it was indeed, Leroy.
MS Dhoni had a good day.
270 points. Going well. They're in the lead.
Ashbury might have something to say about that now.
Round 3, red.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'handshake', 'handover' or 'handler'?
'Handler'? Correct. Well done, Aurora.
Question 2.
Have a look at the picture on screen.
What bird is this - A, a Caspian tern
or B, an American robin?
In 'Lady Friday', the fifth book in the series 'The Keys to the Kingdom'
by Garth Nix,
where is the fifth key supposed to be -
A, in Lady Friday's scriptorium or B, in Sir Thursday's study?
A, Lady Friday's scriptorium.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
(BLEEP!) 'L'.
It is 'L'. Just outside the buzzer, Finn.
'Clear clutter'. We all have that problem, I'm sure.
Which country won bronze at the 2011 World Netball Championships -
A, Jamaica or B, England?
B. It was indeed England.
They beat Jamaica 70-49 for the play-off for third.
260, Ashbury.
Unscramble. On the buzzer, everybody.
Beginning with 'W', name this object.
(BUZZ!) Peakhurst.
MADELINE: Window. Window it is, Madeline.
Well done to you. 280 points.
Fact or Fiction choices for green.
The ballet 'Swan Lake',
'Anne of Green Gables' - the book series, or Batty Bats?
(WHISPERS) 'Anne of Green Gables'?
'Anne of Green Gables'. Let's go.
Five questions, everybody.
Question 1. Fact or fiction?
Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote the 'Anne of Green Gables' book series.
Fact. Fact it is.
Fact or fiction?
This book series is set in the English countryside.
Fact. Fiction.
Fact or fiction?
'Anne of Green Gables', the first book in the series,
was published in 1908.
Fact. Fact it is.
Fact or fiction?
There are no films or television series
based on 'Anne of Green Gables'.
Fiction. Fiction is correct.
Well done, Dylan. Many of them.
Fact or fiction?
Marilla Cuthbert and Gilbert Blythe
are characters from the novel 'Anne of Green Gables'.
Fact. That is a fact, Madeline.
Lead, green.
They've ticked over 300 points already.
When we come back, our final round.
ANNOUNCER: Toshiba will reward the winning school
of this series of It's Academic
with a complete package of audiovisual and computing equipment.
The package includes two 55" 3-D LCD TVs,
plus two 3-D Blu-ray players.
There are also 20 netbooks with harman/kardon speakers,
two of the latest all-in-one computers
with full HD screens and wireless keyboards,
as well as two Camileo camcorders.
This prize is brought to you thanks to Toshiba.
And this series' grand finalists
will be able to share memories with family and friends
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It's pocket-sized, records high-definition videos,
as well as motion detection, time-lapse and slow motion
and it takes digital stills, thanks to Toshiba.
Now, the best thing about my job
is working with people I care so deeply about.
It warms my heart every time I walk into this studio.
What's the best thing about your job?
Hey, guys. My name's Ben.
I'm a diver and the best part of my job
is I get to come and work out here every day of the week.
Hi, my name's Chris McCormack
and the best part of my job is the travel.
Hi, my name's Misha and I'm a Jungle Surfing canopy tour guide.
The best part of my job is I get to hang out in the trees all day.
Hi, my name's Darian.
Head coach of the New South Wales Baseball Under 14 Patriots.
Best part of my job is teaching the kids the skills
that I've learned as a player.
Hi, I'm Muz.
I work at Rainforestation in Kuranda by driving army ducks.
The part of the job I like the most is interacting with the customers.
Hi, I'm Graham from Cairns Mountain Bike Tours
and the best part of my job is I get to ride through pristine rainforest
with views of the Coral Sea, and I'm on my bike.
Very good.
No, I do love everybody here. I really mean that.
Three questions.
My nose, is it growing? No.
Question 1.
True or false?
Ben is wearing a short-sleeved wetsuit.
False. False. Well done, Madeline.
Long-sleeved it is. Right there.
Is Chris McCormack wearing a visor?
Yes, he is wearing a visor, right there, Finn.
True or false?
A short ladder is shown on the back of the army duck.
True it is, Dylan. Well done.
Final round.
Beat the Buzzer starts now.
What's 47 + 16?
63. Correct.
Which Australian state or territory is the Southern cassowary native to?
South Australia. Queensland.
Beginning with 'G', complete the band name of this disco trio -
The Bee...
Gees. Well done, Leroy.
In total, how many months of the year
end with the four letters U-A-R-Y?
What is 99 - 57?
42. Correct.
Black mamba - spider, scorpion or snake?
Spider. It is a snake.
And we are out of time.
Wow! Peakhurst, what a score!
They're our winners for the first day of the week.
Jacinta, Madeline, Leroy, well done, green.
350 points. Lays it down.
See you tomorrow. Bye-bye.