Recipe - Puffed Rice Crispies Recipe With English Subtitles

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What are you going to make? Puffed Rice Crispies (Brougulu)
Ingredients required to make Puffed Rice Crispies
Rice, Peanuts, Chick peas, Salt, Curry Leaves, Red Chilli Powder & Oil
First, sun dry a bowl of cooked rice for a day
Take a pan and heat some oil for deep frying
Place a metal strainer or a mesh in the oil
Add the dried rice into the oil
After they become puffy and white, take them in a bowl
Add some chick peas and peanuts into the oil and fry them
And a few curry leaves
Add the fried nuts to the puffed rice
Add salt for taste and red chilli powder
Mix it all well
Take the mixture into a serving bowl