Dr. Erica Miller on Apathy, part 2

Uploaded by drericamiller on 16.10.2012

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>> I'm Dr. Erica Miller, author of Thanks For My Journey.
I heard Elie Wiesel, the historian, the author, speaking at University of Texas once
and he addressed, among other subjects, of apathy to watch somebody beating up someone else
and not to take a stand is unconscionable, is, is the worst of human traits
and it's absolutely unacceptable.
A case in point, bullying in school, young children, they don't know any better.
Some of them don't know any better and it's very much in the limelight and aware
that teachers have to pay attention because some children come
from homes where they are bullied themselves.
And we have to teach that kind of respect early in life so apathy is unacceptable.
We are our brother's and sister's keepers and that can be taught.
Behavior is taught, because there is too much violence, there's too much disrespect
and that is something that I, that I have such a passion about because I witnessed as a child
in camps, I witnessed the disrespect and the bullying.
And I, I made it my life's passion to take a stand and inspire other people
to stand whenever there's some atrocity or disrespect from one human being to another.
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