U of M breaks Guinness World Record for most flu shots

Uploaded by UniversityofMinn on 29.10.2008

College students have a lot of reasons not to get sick.
"You don't want to get the flu and be laid up for a week at a time.
You can't afford that, because you get way too behind on homework."
Unfortunately, there are a lot of places for those students to get sick.
"being around so many people all the time, in and out of libraries, at work, at my internship,
I think it's the best way to prevent disease being around so many people."
But more than 11,000 thousand students, faculty and staff at the University of Minnesota,
don't have to worry about coming down with the flu this year, because they took part
in the U's record-breaking flu shot drive, on October 28th.
"We're trying to break the Guiness Record for flu shots given in a single day."
Boynton Health Services Director Dr. Edward Ehlinger, says he and his staff were trying
to come up with a way to get a large number of students vaccinated.
"What better thing, on a college campus, to go after a world record."
"Getting the U of M immunized against the flu is one thing,
but this exercise could help in case of emergency, as well."
Planning for large-scale disasters, like a flu outbreak or bio-terror attack,
is made much easier when officials have a chance to practice those plans.
"If we ever need to mobilize our medical reserve corps to deal with an influenza outbreak,
or some small pox, or something like that, we'll have the training with this event
to be able to allow us to do that."
The old record of 3,271 was shattered by lunch time.
And by the end of the day, the U of M reigned supreme
in the world of shots with 11,538 vaccinated.
"I think it's great!
It's good for the U."
"It feels good, just to know that you're part of such a big deal for the University
of Minnesota and the community around here."
In more ways than one.
For the University of Minnesota, I'm Justin Ware.