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Well, I've never heard of it.
Maybe I have passed it in between switching channels.
I think it's a kind of sports...
I don't understand why they are doing it.
It is a little gross for girls to watch..
It looks inhumane..
I believe most women would not like it...?
I think it's a match of man-ergy, man to man you know.
I'm a fan of Donghyun Kim, and..
It's awesome, not anyone can do that.
Watching them fight stimulates me, their energy and spirit.
It's manly sports, fighting under rules, fair and square.
It's fun, for men. It's like a dream.
I hate it when my boyfriend watches that kind of things.
(Gyungbuk Science University)
(Heterogeneous Martial Arts Gym)
Heterogeneous Martial Arts major of
Gyungbuk Science University is
the world's first to offer Heterogeneous Martial Arts as a major.
The Heterogeneous Martial Arts program began in 2003 as a major.
In B.C. Greco Roman era,
there was a sports called Pancration,
it was a mixture of wrestling of boxing.
We can say pancration evolved as Heterogeneous Martial Arts.
(Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Conditionings)
Heterogeneous Martial Arts?
Heterogeneous Martial Arts can be explained that
people who trained different field of martial arts
come together and compete
with his own special technic.
At first, it started with people who trained Taekwondo, and others with Judo
and they came together and combined all of the merits of each and every martial arts
that evolved as the Mixed Martial Arts, MMA.
Martial arts sports uses all sorts of martial skills from hitting to grappling.
If you were to play only with Muay Thai,
then you are open to many weak points.
If you were to play with original wrestling skills,
you wouldn't have a good shot in MMA.
That's why certain wresting skills were developed and specialized to fit MMA.
This is why it does not mean MMA is a simple mixture of everything
but it evolved on its own as a unique field.
Good evening to all sports-loving fans, (World's best MMA association - UFC)
You are watching the first event of December by the world's best MMA association, UFC.
I believe all sports are equal.
For example, soccer has Euro League, baseball has Major League, like that,
UFC is the biggest association for MMA.
UFC is an international association,
the ultimate dream for all aspiring MMA students/ players.
Before, when I asked players what's your dream?
They would answer 'Champion'
But not anymore, they are more passionate about UFC.
This reflects that UFC is where you can spread your wings as a fighter, ultimately.
(Korean fighter in UFC...)
Every country has its own association,
by playing for each association and getting a good score,
you can get scouted by others.
The first thing to consider is previous scores.
With a common sense, you can tell whether one is internationally competitive. (13 wins 5 losses vs. 13 wins 1 tie 1 NC)
Also, among the scores there may be KO wins, submission wins,
and this tells he has decisive punch to call it a game.
Some people also consider their styles,
fierce style is preferred to loose ones.
And also whether he is marketable.
I'm monitoring all players of the world,
whether there is a catch, who is winning continuously. 'OK, he's good'
No one can take him down, not that easily.
In aspect of grappling, I believe he won't be budged in by any other player at his weight class.
He is fully prepared to be a UFC player.
Donghyun is really good.
Donghyun Kim (Busan Team MAD) UFC Welterweight 6 win 1 loss
His juniors look up to him and think, "Someday, I can be like him too".
He inspires his juniors to be confident,
I think his role was huge in that part.
Inspiring others for UFC.
I don't think he can be paralleled with anyone else, even in the future.
It is unprecedented for an Asian to perform so well like him in Welterweight.
I think he is truly unbelievable.
Well, I was a roller skating player as a elementary school kid.
Then I started Judo from middle school.
In high school I decided to play sports as my career.
I wanted to fight really well in the world's best competition.
I think UFC is the best competition I was dreaming about since I was a kid.
'Zero Loss' Donghyun Kim The First Korean to fight in UFC, the best competition
Korea's First Win Who is Donghyun Kim? A well prepared major leaguer!
I was amazed,
I had nothing, yet they offered me flight tickets and everything so that I could fight.
The fact that I could fight on that stage was itself amazing.
The stage where I longed for so much.
I had good terms for my contract, I was thrilled to enter major league.
I was really glad and satisfied.
I think he is one of the best, and I, myself, am his fan.
It is really difficult to actually use the skills that one practiced, especially in UFC.
When I see him training on mat,
or playing in amateur match,
I come to think, "Where on earth is he from?"
He is really one of a kind.
I always say that,
'I want to see how far Chansung can go.'
Chansung Jung (Korean Top Team) UFC Featherweight 3 wins
When I was a kid,
my aunt wanted to change me.
Because I was really timid,
I couldn't even order a bowl of noodles.
I guess she didn't like that,
as she had quite a character.
So she took me to a martial arts gym.
When crowd is cheering for me,
I embrace it with all of my body.
I can hear even the smallest cheer.
It means I am the best,
I am acknowledged, and they are acknowledging me.
I hate the moment right before the match.
I feel so stressed out because of the match.
But once I win the match, the stage becomes my favorite place.
Then I am crazy happy.
His physical force is overwhelming.
I think his power level is different from that of ordinary people.
When I consider his attitude and diligence,
I knew he was meant to be something, whatsoever happens.
From what I see, he has a body that no Asian can have.
Once I saw him, I knew he was huge.
Dongi Yang (Korean Top Team) UFC Middleweight 1 win 3 losses
While I was doing (other) sports, a friend showed me a video.
We were having fun (imitating the video).
When I hear them cheering, I love it.
He did a great job in Japan
and he made it to UFC.
I think he had a little tough time adjusting to UFC,
but I believe he can really take off
once he returns.
UFC is the biggest stage in the world,
and winning, becoming a champion is important.
So I can do what I want to do.
I want to have good scores.
Well, it's sad to say this but he is not in his best condition.
I'm sure he will take it back to the top again.
He has very good senses when it comes to sports.
He is diligent.
He has good technics.
He has kind heart too.
I personally think he is really good.
I think he is fully equipped, he's got what it takes.
Kyungho Kang (Busan Team MAD) UFC Bantamweight (debut match on Nov. 10 2012)
When you think of Kyungho Kang, it's 'Pow! Pow!' and a tackle,
and you think of continuous punches and combination of hits.
He is a typical attacker.
I am pretty sure you will see Kyungho Kang winning Bantamweight championship.
I was into Jiu-Jitsu at first.
I found about Jiu-Jitsu on the web and tried some of the moves.
I wanted to learn more about it that's how I found the martial arts gym.
Martial Arts Handsome Boy 'Kyungho Kang' He will be the fourth Korean UFC fighter, 4 matches to be played.
Dongui University Graduate MMA fighter Kang enters UFC
I was taking a nap after morning exercise.
Coach called me, "Listen carefully and don't get shocked."
"You made it!!" He was shouting.
"UFC wants to sign a contract with you!"
I almost fell into tears, that moment was overwhelming.
He has really good physique, tall.
His punch based on boxing has great hitting power as well as momentum.
He really worked his way up for the last 7 years
and among the UFC fighters we have so far,
I think he is the most well-prepared one.
Hyunkyu Lim (Korean Top Team) UFC Welterweight (debut match on Nov. 10 2012)
I believe he will be a popular fighter.
I also think he will remain in the top range.
I was about to serve military service,
and there was one nice senior
who always had the TV on for Pride or K-1.
After I was dismissed from the military,
I spotted a martial arts gym in my neighborhood.
There I met Korean Top Team, which I am in now.
That led me to start MMA.
Hyunkyu Lim enters UFC 7-year Potential Takes Off
UFC Novice Hyunkyu Lim Aspiring Korean Jon Jones
As I was signing (the UFC contract), it felt unreal.
I kept saying to myself 'Is this real? This must be real.'
I think his ability is second to none others in the world.
His luck may have not been always favorable to him, nor his conditions.
Technically, and visually (his appearance)
I think he is well prepared, all around.
Myungho Bae (Busan Team MAD) LFC Welterweight champion
Once he enters UFC, he will be great, I have no doubt in him.
I started doing sports since I was 20.
I was little astray then.
My friend talked me into martial arts, saying I could have a good experience,
and that I could start a new life.
And by coincidence I became a fighter from the very first day.
LFC Myungho Bae, Win By Decision By Many Bae Becomes Welterweight Champion
'Man of man' Myungho Bae "LFC Champion"
I liked Bae's playing in LFC so I am training him to become a star.
He has an offer from UFC now.
As I picked up the phone, I knelt down, not recognizing myself doing so.
And I fell into tears.
I was crying and I hugged my dad. 'I love you dad'
Dad was pushing me, 'why are you hugging me?'
I told him I'm going to UFC.
This explains how much it meant to me.
I think this slump I am having is because I was too happy then.
Well, that's how it happened..
Currently, he is focusing on LFC.
I heard Japan was more developed in mixed martial arts by 20 years.
But the famous Japanese fighters lost many times in UFC.
I think Koreans have different passion, stronger.
Even with such adverse circumstances, there are so many fighters training for their dreams.
I think that's why it turned out so well.
Compared to other foreign fighters, Korean fighters have stronger fighter spirit.
However, the fundamental physique cannot be stronger than theirs.
What complements them is their unique intense training,
and their attitude.
They cannot belittle us.
Even in the US, they cannot underestimate Koreans, more than Asians.
Neither Japan nor China has a well-performing fighter,
but the Korean fighters, as soon as they enter UFC,
they show characters that UFC loves.
To their eyes, Asians may seem weak,
but I fought a good match, and won.
I think that's why they like Korean fighters.
I guess that's why I won,
because mom did that.
I drink 6 to 7 liters of water every day.
It hurts so much during a medical treatment.
When I train myself, I take it to the extremes.
I lost 12 kgs.
It is really really difficult.
Ouch it hurts, it hurts.
It's for real.
Sometimes I think I want to die...
I have to hit them hard.