Folge 4176 .... Rebecca + Marlene, Tristan

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The truth will out
You know what's at stake.
The family...
...the company...
We're practically bankrupt.
What's all that to Marlene?
I ruined the auction house,
I drove Helena away
...and all of this I did out of jealousy!
This feeling, it...
It just eats me up!
I don't want to wear you down anymore.
I promised Helena before she left.
And that's why I'm supposed to promise you not to start dating Marlene?
Well, what's the big deal?
Are you two already dating?
That's not the point.
No matter what I promise you...
You're fully responsible for everything you do!
It's your life!
And they are your decisions.
I just don't know what to do anymore.
Left at the altar...
Although the other day she told me she loved me.
She was the first woman with whom I could see myself starting a family.
Did she actually tell you about my wedding vows?
I told her she restored my faith in love for me, the professional cynic.
Her taking that faith away a second later is not to be surpassed in cynism.
If I imagine her...
...her... YOU what...
...what she took away from me...
You HAVE to believe me, I don't want this, but...
...this idea drives me nuts!
Marlene and me aren't together.
And won't ever be.
That bad?
I thought Tristan and I, we...
...finally have to talk openly.
Sibling to sibling, like we used to.
I wanted him to finally accept that you chose me.
That's tough, but it happens.
I felt as though there was nothing.
Do you understand?
Nothing for him to hold on to, to fix him.
He's just empty.
So you didn't tell him?
He blackmailed me emotionally.
...had to promise him there woudn't be anything going on between us ever again.
I didn't know what else to do, I...
I'm just so...
...scared for him. - Hey!
In your place I would have promised him the same.
He's your brother!
Yeah, but... - I'm really...
...really glad you didn't tell him.
It's just too early.
If he realizes I lied to him...
We'll be catious, promised.
So, uhm... Thanks for the info.
And... I'll see you.
Dreaming of a star role on broadway?
By the way they're pretty successful over there, but...
...they're also a league of their own and surely won't resort to a fading german starlet.
I didn't ask for your opinion.
It was rather a demand to work instead of just lounging around here.
What's that?
The sales tax papers. They have to be at the accountant's by tomorrow.
One water, please.
Don't you want to take this?
That's none of your business.
Yeah, what?
Should I call again later?
I'm sorry, I'm arguing with Tristan.
Okay, then we rather leave it be.
Leave what be?
Well, I thought we could meet during lunch break.
That really sounds tempting...
It's just, you know...
You know what, the work will keep.
Meet me in one hour?
Yes, sound good. My place?
Do you have the place to yourself?
The last time someone asked me that I was fifteen.
Yep, that's exactly how I feel right now.
See you, then.
Bye, my sweet.
Did you watch a horror fim, or what?
Something like that.
Well, darling? - Well?
And these on the other hand go perfectly with the turquois dess, you know, the one with the low-cut back.
Say, Marlene, when was the last time I pretended to care which shoes you buy?
What interests me much more, is... whose ear you just purred 'See you, my sweet.'
Could it happen to be... Rebecca?
Nonsense. How come you think that?
That was Kim! She wants to meet me at lunch break.
Ah, does she. - Yeah!
And if I don't shake a leg now I'll be late.
I hope the papers are finished?
No, and they won't be for a while still.
If you want them done quicker you'll have to do it yourself.
There are other things I need to do as well.
We'll see each other at home. See you, then!
The check, please.
Are you sure we're by ourselves?
Hello, anyone home?
You see? We're completely undisturbed.
Do you want to tell me what happened with Tristan?
We have exactly one hour, which I want to spend solely with you.
Pity. - What's a pity?
I have to get back to the company.
One hour is definitely too short. - Mhm.
Maybe we should call in sick next time.
Then I'll feel like fifteen once and for all - skipping school included.
Why? There's something good to it - fifteen again...
Although... only with a car and a credit card.
Crap. Now we're fifteen for good and have to make sure we don't get caught.
Grab the bag!
In here? - Yeah.
Ok, be at the firm in an hour. I'll be back by then.
No, there's nothing doing at the price!
Crap. Do you have any clue where my shirt is? - Nope, haven't the foggiest.
Can you tell me how to get to my shirt?
Dad only sees what he wants to see. Also he can't stay here forever.
Or we just walk up to him and say 'Hi!'
I mean, he's actually a pretty cool guy, isn't he?
You only just declared to Tristan nothing will be going on between us...
And I think the more people know it's a lie...
...the more people can tell. - Yeah.
Nice to see you, too!
Is Marlene here?
Please, do come in!
Whether Marlene's here?
I didn't see her.
The papers have to get checked this very day and sent to the accountant afterwards.
It's urgent. Marlene's in the know.
But I was present when she told you she needed to do something else.
Well, she's on lunch break for two hours now and I'm starting to get worried.
Ah, are you. About whom, Marlene or the accountant?
Yeah. If you don't believe me, see for yourself.
Check everywhere: The bedroom, the bethroom or...
... in the cutlery drawer. That's her most recent favorite hideout.
Tell her to take care of it when she gets home. - I will.
I request a report. You've got two minutes.
Thanks for not ratting us out.
Is that all?
I'm sorry I lied to you before.
How did you know Rebecca and I were in there?
I'm not senile.
Besides, I could see a lie written all over your face ever since you were three years old.
You are my daughter's new girlfriend?
Then so be it.
Well, as you can see, playing hide-and-seek is pointless.
Yes, my brother took the breakup a little hard... you saw for yourself just now, he's pretty out of it. -Mhm.
So we hope that Tristan can rather accept our relationship once water is under the bridge.
Seeing as you lied to him for months I wouldn't bet on it.
Please, Dad, don't tell anyone.
Please. It wasn't an easy decision for us as well, you know.
I won't say anything.
But don't wait too long.
Because if he notices...
...then the shit hits the fan.