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>>Hey everybody, Scot Tranter here, host of CNY flavor.
We have a great special in store for you.
This is a Mother’s Day special with Mother’s Day just around the corner.
I was in Boston a couple weeks ago at my brother’s birthday party,
and my little niece Melissa Tranter actually cooked this dish for her dad and us.
It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s economical on a shoestring budget
like we like to do here.
This is something you can do with your kids, and bring them in.
Now I know you’re looking at me, these are not my children.
These are my grandchildren.
This is my grandson, Scotty Coffin, and this is my granddaughter Tory Coffin.
And they’re here because they want to cook for their mom for Mother’s Day.
Do you want to say hi?
>>Do you want to say happy Mother’s Day?
>>Happy Mother’s Day!
>>Happy Mother’s Day!
[♪] [♪]
>>Are you guys pretty excited about doing this?
>>’Cause I know you like to cook.
>>And you like to cook, right?
>>OK, listen, what we’re gonna do to get started because
when you’re doing a home-made macaroni and cheese
you can do a lot of different things.
And one of the things on the topping is you can use bread crumbs,
you can use different types of things.
What we’re gonna do is we raided our little pantry over here
and we got some Cheez-Its.
And so what I’m gonna do is I drop the noodles in,
the elbow macaroni oh I love you.
Drop the elbow macaroni over here in the roiling boiling water right now,
and take about 6 to 8 minutes.
I’m gonna get the kids here started on crushing the Cheez-its up.
So you guys can dig your hands in there ,
and just start squeezing it and crushing it inside the bowl.
>>OK. Right, just like Scotty, and just crush ‘em.
Break ‘em all up.
Yep, just like that.
And if you want to pick them up and break them Tory, you can. Right?
>>There you go, and take them one at a time.
>>Or you can just
>>Yep, but don’t make a mess, OK? Keep them inside the bowl.
OK, while you guys are doing that I’m gonna go put the noodles on, OK?
>>Alright, crumble them up real good.
Now, this is gonna be the topping on the macaroni and cheese.
>>So crumble them up.
I’m just gonna put them right in there ‘cause that’s OK
because they’re gonna bake right in.
Now don’t put them in yet.
I have two cups here, I got a mozzarella and I got a mild cheddar.
Now, I like sharp cheddar. You can use whatever cheese you like.
You can use Monterrey Jack; you can use a Colby Jack,
whatever you like for the cheese.
I would like you to reach in there
and take some of this cheese and put it all over there, OK?
Don’t burn yourself, just drop it on top.
Sprinkle it, yep.
>>Do some more over this side.
There you go.
A little more.
>>That’s a little bit.
>>That’s good.
>>OK, now Scotty you do the white cheese here.
>>What’s this kind of white cheese?
>>That’s mozzarella cheese.
Go ahead and spread it right over there, OK?
Get a bigger handful.
Big one.
Yep, right over there.
OK, and I’ll spread the other remaining right there.
>>Some of this went right in this one.
>>That’s OK ‘cause we’re gonna put that on the top.
>>Ok? So I’m gonna finish sprinkling it all on there.
>>That’s a lot of cheese.
>>I know.
>>That’s like one whole cup of cheese each, huh?
>>So now I’m just gonna push this all down.
>>See? And make sure it’s mixed up pretty good.
>>Now can we do this?
>>Yep, just a minute you will.
>>Once I get the cheese all set, OK?
>>So as you can see the cheese is not melted yet, is it?
>>OK, so now Tory take your bowl here, OK?
And go ahead and reach your hand in.
Here, hold it over, and sprinkle those over the top.
A little more.
Good, pull ‘em right out.
No, take a big handful.
Big handful.
Right, because you want to use it all.
Just pull it right out.
Yep, right onto it.
OK, now Scotty, your turn.
>>Can I do it with Scotty too?
>>No, this is Scotty’s turn here.
Big handful, Scotty.
Just sprinkle it all over the top.
>>That’s OK. Grab more.
Big handful.
Get the spots that aren’t covered, OK?
>>That’s OK.
>>Gotta crack this one.
>>You’re gonna crack that one?
>>That was a big one?
All the spots that aren’t covered.
>>I’m running out.
>>OK. I’ll take it; I’ll take the bowl then, see?
And I’ll take the rest of it, and I’ll just sprinkle it like that. OK?
>>OK. That way it can be easy.
>>That way it can be easier, and it’s more uniform,
and it’s covered, OK?
So now we just want to spread it out a little bit,
make sure that it covers the top.
>>Can I do it?
>>Sure! You want to do that?
Here you go.
>>Me too!
>>You too?
>>OK, and just spread it all out.
See, that’s very good.
OK, now let’s do Scotty.
Here you go; you spread the rest of it out.
Very good.
OK, now we’re gonna take the tinfoil here,
which is aluminum foil,
and we’re just gonna cover this.
And we have our oven on at 350 degrees,
and we’re gonna put it in real quick for about 10 minutes.
>>And then we’re gonna eat it!
>>And then we’re gonna eat it. You want to eat it?
>>I wanna eat it too!
>>OK, so... you hear it sizzling?
>>I almost touched it myself.
Hear it going [imitates sizzling]?
>>See it bubbling?
>>Bubbling, all the cheese has melted down.
That means it’s all ready to go.
OK, so I’m gonna push this this way.
Don’t touch it, go ahead and reach in with this ladle like this.
OK, and come across whoop OK, that’s enough for you.
Because this is for you, right?
>>So now let me pull it this way.
Now don’t touch it because it’s hot though, OK?
I’m gonna grab my towel here.
>>Give sissy the bubbling piece.
>>Give sissy the bubbling piece?
>>OK, you want to do it?
>>Get the bubbling piece sissy!
>>Now don’t touch the thing, though.
So go ahead and go in with it.
Here, I’ll help you.
Oops. Here, hold on.
OK, grab the end there, and come across.
Is that enough?
>>OK, hold on. Put it right inside your bowl.
>>Whoa, sissy’s is way better than mine.
>>No it’s not.
>>It’s bigger than mine though.
>>But you have plenty. There’ll be plenty Scotty if you want more.
Happy Mother’s Day!
>>Happy Mother’s Day!
>>Bye! Thanks for watching!
Tell them thanks for watching!
>>Thank you for watching!
>>OK, bye-bye!
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>>Hey, it’s Scott Trainer here, host of CNY flavor.
And we have a wonderful Mother’s Day special in store for you.
I have the privilege to be here with Keri Kane,
the owner and operator of Signature Events.
And we’re actually in her home office on her turf,
and she’s gonna give us some hints on how to set up a nice Mother’s Day table.
So stay tuned because we got a great episode
and a great segment coming your way.
Alright Keri, so show me tell me first, what are we gonna do?
What’s your plan?
I know that you can change things-
>>But what’s the general idea we’re gonna do for Mother’s Day?
>>OK, what I wanted to show you today was that anyone can do this.
Anybody that has any idea of what they want to portray for their mother,
father, aunt/uncle whatever holiday it happens to be, we’re working with Mother’s day.
So what we’re gonna do is build the Mother’s Day table,
and possibly a buffet.
Sometimes you want to carry your scheme over.
But we’re gonna do it from scratch.
>>Ideally at the end of this table setting we will have a beautiful place mat,
or table cloth, or something on the bottom, some flowers, candles, table setting; everything.
But in order to get that full picture at the end, that gorgeous impact,
you have to start somewhere.
So we’re gonna start with the most time intensive part,
and that is vases; flowers.
But this is easy.
So what I did was I picked up glass vases.
These are probably 3 inch by 3 inch square.
I got these at a craft store; you can use anything you have.
You can use different vases; they don’t have to be the same.
I like odd numbers, and I like things that are the same,
so I’m going with 3 and they’re all the same vase.
Then I went over to Price Chopper, an ingenious place to get flowers.
They’re the same flowers you would get at a nursery or a floral store,
but they’re just a little bit less expensive.
So I went over to my local Price Chopper,
and asked them if they could give me something in a purple and a cream,
and this is what we got.
So in preparation for this I was playing with these.
And I though that something fun to do to,
to add a little depth to this particular arrangement,
would be to maybe put something in between two vases.
My original thought was to use this bud vase.
But as you can see it’s too tall,
and probably not gonna work with the flowers that I have picked here.
So, what I would do if working in my own office,
if it doesn’t work try something different.
Take it out; go in your cupboard in your house,
go into your basement, go into your attic.
Things you never thought you were going to use,
look around and see what fits.
What I found were my grandmother’s old canning jars
that I rarely think I’m going to use.
And look at that. Perfect fit.
>>Well that’s great.
>>OK. So now what we’re gonna do is take these little candies,
and these are actually chocolate coated candies,
sort of like an M&M.
I got these at the party store, and my idea is just to put them in there
in between these two layers, to create a different dimension in your vase.
So now you’re gonna have color in the top,
and you’re sort of going to bring a different texture,
a different depth to what would be a plain vase.
You don’t have to do this,
you could certainly just build a standard flower arrangement.
So, if your mom likes Skittles you could even do Skittles,
and have multicolor- OK.
>>You absolutely could.
You could make an Easter arrangement for your family with jelly beans.
You can use anything you want.
>>Anything you want.
If your mother is a seamstress you could use buttons. Anything.
>>Great. OK.
>>I picked these because they’re silver,
and they tie into the tablecloth I wanted to use.
So you’re just simply picking these up
and kind of floating them around the vase here.
What you’re gonna want to make sure you do,
the only real thing that’s important,
is to put the center vase in first.
Because it’s really gonna give you some problem
if you try to wedge the vase in afterwards.
[♪] [♪]
Now this is something that I really wanted to point out to you.
We have 3 vases here.
I intended 2-3 vases.
But probably not enough of these little silverettes to finish the 3rd vase.
That’s OK; they don’t all have to be the same.
So we’re gonna build a traditional flower arrangement in here,
we’re gonna build the tempting ones in these glasses.
The next thing we’re gonna do is just take a little bit of water.
And I just pooled water in my juice container,
we use this for juice on Sunday mornings.
But, this is- you always say mise en place
Staging, I have everything ready, I have everything I’m gonna need, right?
And if you need something else you can just go get it,
but it’s easier if you have everything here,
to just keep rolling.
So I’m gonna put a little bit of water in this vase
so that when I get the flowers perfect I don’t have to move them.
So you can fill your vase.
>>And then we’re going to move these out of the way just for a second.
>>There we go.
>>Now this is what they call leather leaf.
It’s just a filler.
And since we have two that are the same and one that’s not,
I’m going to say we should probably reserve most of this
for the flower arrangement that’s going to be biggest.
>>And maybe not put as much of it into the thing.
So I’ll give you a leaf, and I’ll use a leaf.
If you need to cut it down,
if you’re not happy with the way it is,
do whatever you want to do with it.
If you like yours tall you can have it tall,
if you like it short you can have it short,
however you like it.
Now we have white gerbera daisies.
>>Gerbera daisies?
>>Mmmhmm. These are my favorites, and my mother favorites.
So technically this table I’d be making for my mom.
So I have this color scheme,
is something that my mother likes,
neutrals with pops of colors.
So I thought we’d go cream and brown,
and we’ll just add the purple.
>>Do you want to say happy Mother’s Day to your mom?
>>Happy Mother’s Day mom.
>>And my Mother-in-law Sandy.
I have two moms.
>>Now that’s politically correct there, that was good.
>>So happy Mother’s Day to you too.
And now I’m gonna give you some of this alstroemeria.
>>And same thing, decide what you want to do with it.
Do you want more purple and less white?
Do you want all white in that one and less purple?
We can do whatever we want.
So this is where you just-
>>Start creating.
One thing you want to remember too,
is if in a few days if you notice the water starts to get a little dirty or murky,
take them out, snip them, give them a fresh cut,
bring them down a little bit more, change the water,
and your arrangements will last over a week.
>>Especially if you get some really good discount flowers,
a good price, you can make them go further.
>>Make them last longer.
So they’re pretty similar, but not the same.
You could, if you were doing this for your wife,
you could bring all your kids to the work table with you that morning,
and say “Everybody gets a vase, build it however you think Mom would like it.”
So they’re putting their own spin on something that is for Mom.
They’re similar enough to all be in the same table and make an impact,
but they’re different enough to show that they were done.
>>Like yours went like across, and mine went in an arc. OK, great.
>>But they’re made with the same ingredients so to speak,
so they can still be on the same table.
[♪] [♪]
>>So what do we do next?
>>OK, so this was the most time-consuming part, so we do this first.
Now we’re gonna move these back to our staging area.
And we’re gonna start setting the table with the linens.
One thing I want to show you too,
is I haven’t done anything yet because I’m not sure I want to,
but could hem your edge.
You could take pinking shears and do like a diagonal fancy little trim.
Do anything you want with your edges, or you can leave it.
As long as it’s cut straight you can leave it exactly the way it is.
>>So now, the first thing we’re gonna do is take the center piece to this table,
which would be this low arrangement,
and just come and put it where you think you might like it.
I’m gonna go greens to the back.
And these would be the greens.
>>And I’m gonna put it sort of in the center.
And here’s where I always tell you that we’re just gonna play,
and see where you like it.
This is your arrangement, so I’m gonna give it to you
and let you position it wherever you like.
>>Now originally I had intended to do 3 on the table,
but it’s looking a little busy to me.
You agree?
>>So what we could do is I also have these candles,
and these tall pillar candle holders that I really like in a neutral color.
And I thought, well maybe we could spread these out,
put them in the middle.
But I will say that’s probably too much too.
So this is a perfect example of keep working with it,
play it around, take it apart, put it back together, try different pieces.
See what you really like.
So this is another thing that happens to me a lot
when I’m working on my clients’ event,
or my own events in my own kitchen for my own mom.
Is now that I’ve changed my plan a little bit,
we only have 1 floral centerpiece instead of 3.
Everything is a little it’s condensed.
>>So I just happen to have this ribbon that coordinates with my theme.
I’m thinking maybe we should tie it around the vase,
with a bow or just a simple not in the front to give it a little something.
And this is again one of those examples of you just keep playing with it.
So because everything is a little less intricate than I thought,
I’m just going tie this ribbon on the vase.
Give it just a- will you cut that for me please?
>>Thank you.
>>Right over here?
>>So you got your centerpiece done,
and now you need to set the table so you can use it.
You can do anything you want on this tablecloth.
Any color matches this.
So what I have here in my house, I have these brown tablecloths
which match kind of this earthen tone we’re going for.
And don’t let the silver fool you.
Yes, the silver’s on top, and it’s kind of bright,
but you can tone it down back into the neutral phase
and let it just be an accent.
And you know what you could do since we only have 4,
another thing that you can do
with what you’re already intending on working with
is either rotate light/dark/light/dark-
>>That would work, yeah.
>>And incorporate them both.
Or, if you want to get really fancy, and wow your mother,
it takes two seconds.
You lay one over the other, seam side in, tag side in,
diagonally one square and then you flip the other one.
Pull from the center on the bottom; you have a two tone napkin.
You can do this with any color.
You can put the hot pink inside here,
and bring it from the flower to the tablemat.
Then you slide on any napkin ring you want.
And if you just lay your napkin down
>>OK. Does it matter which side?
>>Seam side, if you’re learning, it’s easier to go seam side down.
>>Nice and flat.
In the middle, grab the middle, pull, and we sort of make a cone.
>>Just flip- there you go.
And I have two napkin ring options out here for you.
This one which is a leaf, kind of mimics a leaf pattern here.
And this one is just a burst of gold.
Whichever one you like, again you can alternate these too.
If you decide to go with all tan you can alternate these napkin rings.
So I have gold, and you have leaf,
but see they have the same coordinating colors
so they go together on the table.
And then you just finish setting the table, all whatever you decide.
All the same, coordinating, contrasting, one or the other.
It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s your signature.
Let’s do it.
[♪] [♪]
So we are building layer by layer.
We did the flowers; we added the placemats, the rounders.
You can use chargers here if you wanted to.
We add the napkins, now it’s time to actually be able to eat at the table.
>>See, I would put mine there right in the middle of the plate.
>>You absolutely can.
Sometimes I put one in the middle, and one at the top.
Sometimes I put them both in the middle,
and then down here at the end I will put the one at the end at the top,
just to make it a little bit more formal.
It really just depends on what you’re setting the table for,
what kind of look you’re looking for.
>>Can you reach that one over there?
>>And then we’re just gonna simply set the rest of the table.
and then I'll give you your. half
So one last thing you can do
when you have a plan that doesn’t always work out the way that you thought,
given the centerpieces, extra things that you have prepared.
So instead of wasting them or what you might feel is a waste,
let’s try to repurpose them.
I’m gonna move them back here.
Like I had mentioned, we use this as a serving buffet.
So I’m gonna take these two arrangements that you and I did,
and sort of find the best side.
It looks like this is probably the best side for this one, right here I like.
Then I’m just gonna turn these flowers so that they look perfect on the best side of this vase.
And this is the best way for this one.
And then we take this extra vase, candle holder here rather,
and put it in between the vases.
OK, so that’s pretty.
Now I can put my serving platters here and I have raised dishes I use sometimes,
multi-level trays for cookies and things.
You’ll work them in all throughout this buffet
so that you’re still utilizing everything that you have purchased,
or that you have that you wanted to use.
Maybe it’s your grandmother’s china,
or her antique candlesticks that you’re using.
You’re incorporating everything in,
and you’re also bringing your color scheme from instead of just at your table
all the way through your living area.
The next easiest thing,
other than pulling things from your table that are leftover,
is change simple things like candles.
By removing that used candle
and adding this fresh candle that coordinates into our color scheme-
>>It smells good, too. Yeah.
>>You now have the color scheme at the table,
and on the buffet that will be used as part of the dining experience.
So now it’s all together.
>>You could even lay your desserts up here.
>>Or cake, anything.
>> And you can move these.
You can put this over here if you have a really large platter in the middle.
You could lay that there and put your things in the middle.
And then just pull that to the side, but they’re still here.
Or you could leave them in the middle.
You could also elevate them.
If you have an elevated tray, you can put the tray in the back,
bring these up, and then leave the space in the front for your food.
>>Pretty much could do whatever you could come up with.
>>And it would work.
>>Whatever you have room for, whatever you come up with.
>>This is Keri Kane from Signature Events.
I hope you guys are watching this, and go on her website and call her.
Because if you can’t do this and you think you’re gonna have a problem,
get ahold of her and she’ll come to your home and do it for ya.
Keri, I’d like to thank you for showing me how to do this.
I know that this Mother’s Day’s going to be special for me,
and I’m gonna have my kids helping me with my wife.
And you guys that are watching the show, take good care of your moms
and honor your mom because we only got one mom,
and this is a way to show how you love her
and set up a nice table.
And this is all brought to you by Keri Kane of signature events.
>>Thank you very much for having me.
>>Thank you, thank you. Appreciate it.
>>Thank you!