[ENG] 090110 SHINee 100% Entertainment (3/5)

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Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck talking
Oh Forget it!
Thank You
Xiao Gui: What are you doing? xiao Zhu: You have to be respectful ah
XG: His and yours is different. His is sneezing. Sneezing Donald Duck
XG: You can ask him. Right? See? he said Yes.
see? that i sneezing
oh.. alright! Im sorry!
Alright! Next person.
Next is.. it's rap. Minho's rap. Oh, Key's Rap.
What does that mean?
just now what does the song mean?
Next one is different. Mindo will act cute.
We should see how he will act cute.
What do You think of his performance?
just now he was like "he he"
In Korea they have a photo booth right?
he'll take 5 shots
10 shots!
10 shots is a lot!
5 is alright
Next one
We prepared a small gift. if you win the game you can take a picture with them.
Do you have photo of them?
No I don't. Of course I don't
I think It's goof if you have a photo with them
Standing beside me is even better
just joking!
But you audience cannot say the answer
got it?
Right now. One of them is stepping on the mat. Who is it?
Let's see one by one
He could could just be acting
Next one is Xiao Gui
Next one is Minho
Who do you want to see one more time?
Do you want him to jump?
Do you have an idea now?
My guess is Minho
You think he si the stepping on the mat?
Who is it? If its you raise your hand. 1 2 3...
Congratulations! you are correct!
Here its for you
Hey no!
old trick .. old trick..
Next one is we are going to guess who drank the bitter tea
is this your ear?
XG: What is this? Fan: It's Key's microphone
oh it's like that?
You like Crowd Lu huh?
I want Shinee!
She Likes Shinee but he style is like Crowd Lu.
Its different
Ok. We are going to guess who drank the bitter tea
Let's have our Show Lo drink first
Show Lo is scared of bitter.
that bitter?
Next one is Onew.
Alright drink yours
Alright! everyone drank theirs right?
I'll ask you. Who do you think drank the tea?
Or do you want to see someone drink again?
If he didn't drink originally he may have now.