New Cancer Center in Chula Vista

Uploaded by KPBSSanDiego on 14.06.2012

>> >>: The lobby has colorful pictures a fire place and lots of natural light the.
The corridors are wide and filled with paintings. Make no mistake, this is a cancer treatment
center with the latest high tech equipment. Eve b n in the radiation treatment rooms thrrks
are floor to ceiling windows with garden views. Developer says they gave the center's designer
as clear message. >> >>: I said you design the cancer treatment
facility not from the doctor's point of view, not from the hospital's point of vie view
or the insurance company, design it from the patient's point of view.
>> >>KENNY: Barnhard is a cancer survivor himself.
>> >>: One of my caught daughters putted it on Facebook and captioned it with kicking
cancer's butt the barnhard way. >> >>KENNY: The Douglas and Nancy barnhard
center should be open in Chula Vista by the ends of the summer.