How to Make Fried Catfish : Tips for Cooking Fried Catfish

Uploaded by expertvillage on 12.12.2007

Hi my name is Karl James owner of Creolesoul catering located in Round Rock, Texas and
on behalf of Expert Village I'm here to show you a fried catfish recipe. So here we have
it our finish fried catfish fillets. Like I said we use catfish fillets you can use
the whole catfish if you want, you can fry it whole, or you can cut it into piece and
for those of you that don't like bones or afraid of bones in the fish do the fillets.
We cut them in half, we seasoned them with our seasoning mixture which had some of those
creole spices in there, we also put together our cornmeal flour mixture we mixed that together
and then we put the same seasonings into that and then we proceed to dredge the catfish
into that mixture. Then we deep fried in about 350 degrees oh for 10-12 minutes and we did
them 4 at a time. Once again you don't want to over load your fryer because when you do
you bring the temperature down on it and then you find the items that are suppose to be
fried are actually pretty much steaming in oil. So they get really oily, they don't have
the crisp, the texture, they are really soft and these are crisp. Anyway here is your catfish
fried catfish served with potato salad either creole or traditional, make some slaw anything,
or just eat it with some bread catfish is good all the time. Anyway fried catfish.