excel slicer

Uploaded by MrNogrip on 27.04.2011

This video introduces a new feature in Excel 2010 that enables easy filtering of PivotTables
PivotTables themselves haven't changed dramatically since the 2007 version of Excel
but the Slicer
is a new feature that gives pivotTables some interactivity
now in this workbook
slicer example
we have two sheets
which is the underlying data
and we have Table which is the pivot table
when we're in the pivot table
you get access to pivot table tools
options and design tabs
but we want to
insert a slicer so select the Insert tab
and select slicer
what this means is we can filter data by any of these items available here
that's put in site
and month
this is going to create two slices
I'll rearrange them so they're easier to read
now I have month selected here and we can format as well
I'll make this one green
and the Site slice
Now let's go and use the Slices
right now I have four sites on view
but in the slice I can narrow down to just one of those so I can select
Harrow site for example
and January's results
or select by dragging across
Harrow and Marylebone's results
for January and February
or three sites
for March
If I wish to unfilter results
just click on the unfilter button in the top right
we're back to our original data
there are some settings you might want to use
in the slicer
you could right click or select 'Slicer Settings' to reveal various options
you could change the name
i'm just going to change
the caption for the month
so I'll change the caption two month
just in case I forget what year it is!
the other options are self explanitory and PivotTables are pretty
much the same
but, the Slicer will enable you to filter more interactively