Chanakya - Episode 3

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Why didn't the king order to burn down the whole of Magadh instead!
Did he consult me before imposing new taxes?
The why I am being ordered to appoint new tax-collectors?
...And the Chief Minister Vakranas
...wants to prevent this disburtance and corrupt environment.
Is everything alright!
I am still alive!
I you don't wake up today...
...then Magadh shall never see prosoererity...
Prime Minister...
Prime Minister!
Prime Minister!
Prime Minister!
Prime Minister!...Prime Minister! Prime Minister!...Prime Minister!
The Prime Minister has disappeared from house since midnight.
Did you see him Ieaving? - No.
Everyone knows the Prime Minister. Nothing wiII happen to him.
You go home now. Tomorrow I wiII ...
No MiIind. It wiII be too Iate tiII then.
I was going to Chanak but seeing the guards I got scared and turned back.
Look Bhamini... - You are the Prime Minister's buddy...
Won't you heIp me today?
AIright, I wiII Iook for him.
Here is your weaIth, Dhanananda! I return it to whom it beIongs.
What are you doing Shaktar?
I am readying a funeraI for those who kiIIed my ShishupaI and Angada
Don't be crazy. - Leave me...
I said leave me.
They aII want to destroy my home and my Magadha.
Before that I wiII ruin them. Let me go...
Let go of me!
Leave me!
Go and inform Dhanananda that I'm scattering his goId. Go
Shaktar, I swear you by ShishupaI and Angada's
Don't breath a word more or stay here for a moment Ionger.
Go home. Bhamini is waiting for you.
I wiII come to you before dawn. Go.
I did not expect to see the Prime Minister of Magadha scattering
goId coins on the streets of PataIiputra.
What was the need for this fooIhardiness?
Who wiII be responsibIe if anything untoward happens in PataIiputra.
I'm not responsibIe for it, Milind.
Shaktar! you're Prime Minister, hence you dare to confront the King.
But an ordinary man cannot fight those in power.
If you are sacked from the post, you too wiII become an ordinary man.
So? ShouId I toIerate the corruption I see aII around?
You are fighting Dhanananda more than the corruption, Shatkar.
Your fight has become personaI.
You're chaIIenging Dhanananda. But Maghadans are sitting quietIy.
OnIy you're going to suffer in this fight.
I am not afraid of death.
Then kiII yourseIf.
MiIind...! - This man has gone insane.
I am your friend. It's my right to ask you not to fight Dhananand.
I am with you. But promise me.
You'II not be the cause of any troubIe in PataIiputra.
May I go?
Look after your father.
Chief Minister, what has Dhananand thought about Shaktar?
You are a servant of the King.
Don't try to read his mind. Just obey his orders.
Greetings, Chief Minister.
CounciIor MiIind, a cIose friend of the Prime Minister was seen Ieaving
his home earIy this morning.
CIose friend !CIose friend shaII become his cIosest enemy.
Inform the CounciIor that he wiII have to prove his friendship.
There is no pIace for friendship in the poIitics.
Today CounciIor MiIind shaII reaIize it.
CounciIor MiIind!
How it is possibIe? Shaktar is my friend!
It was my job to give you the orders. It's up to you to obey it or not, Milind.
Why don't you come in?
Is everything aIright, Milind?
Why don't you speak, Milind?
King Dhanananda has summoned you and your sons.
You are hiding the truth, Milind.
If you've courage to hear the truth, then hear this...
I have come to arrest you and your sons.
MiIind! - CaII me CounciIor.
King Dhanananda's servant CounciIor MiIind stands before you.
Okay CounciIor MiIind! May I know my crime?
You have been accused of steaIing Iakhs of goId coins from the treasury
...and of scattering them aII around the city Iast night.
AIright, Milind. you fuIfiII your duty.
As a friend of MiIind, I shaII cause no troubIe for you.
But wait for a moment. I shaII caII my sons.
What is the matter father?
King Dhananand wants to meet my both sons.
Speak to us as our father.
If not from the Prime Minister, we expect truth from our father.
What the King want from my sons? - TeI us father.
Even your father cannot answer this question.
Come with me. - No. I shaII not.
And I shaII not Iet anybody go.
We'II have to go, my sons.
I am not so strong to Iend my shouIder to your bier.
I wouId want you to shouIder my bier to the crematorium.
Dhanananda wiII easiIy pay the tax for three pyres.
Hence I ask you to remain aIive, my sons.
For I wiII need your shouIders to take the wicked to crematorium.
Let's go father.
Today King Dhanananda wiII sureIy come to know the sons of Shaktar.
Ride on your horse, Prime Minister.
Greetings, Prime Minister!
Vishnu!...Vishnu!...Vishnu!.... Vishnu!...Vishnu!...Vishnu!....
Vishnu!...Vishnu!...Vishnu!.... Vishnu!...Vishnu!...Vishnu!..
Greetings Prime Minister!
Make a way!...Let's flee. - Let's run away...Make way!
Your Prime Minister has been arrested - They are putting us in prison.
Your Prime Minister has been arrested - They are putting us in prison.
You fools! You come with us.. -They are putting us in prison.
They are putting us in prison. -Hop in. come on. Don't try to run!
Father! The Prime Minister and his sons have been imprisoned.
The ancient books say, that the ruIer is the incarnation of God on earth.
We accepted his orders as the orders of God.
But he has forgotten that his existence depends on our faith.
He had promised that he wiII Iook after our weIfare.
Instead he has betrayed our trust.
How can Magadhans beIieve that their future is safe in the King's hands.
When peopIe's representative Shaktar is imprisoned for speaking the truth.
If this is the treatment meted out to the Prime Minister ...
what wiII be the fate of Magadha's ordinary citizens.
SchoIars of 4 Vedas, Law and ReIigion and the peopIe's representatives.
I request you to stop Acharya Chanak who is going from door to door and...
bIocking the streets in effort to spread rumors against King Dhanananda
Chief Minister Vakranas! the assembIy tests the knowIedge of students...
and honors them. It resoIves disputes about the text of the scriptures.
Instructing Acharya Chanak is beyond the scope of this assembIy.
That's King Dhananada's right.
But do the scriptures permit teachers to start conspiracy and rebeIIion.
I, as a student representative, with the hoIy Veda as my witness, ask you...
Why is the authority afraid of a teacher who uses his knowIedge for
the benefit of the community?
Is Acharya Chanak a hurricane that wiII bIow away King Dhanananda?
Chief Minister, we consider a teacher as the creator of the future.
Thus he can cIaim the right to change the present in keeping with eternaI...
truth, vaIues and knowIedge.
One who foIIows the scriptures is aIso the creator of them.
...Chief Minister,Vakranas!
In whose lap play both the forces of creator and the destroyer. Can he ever conspire?
If Acharya Chanak has to chaIIenge aII of Magadha for its future...
even then this assembIy cannot prevent him.
I want to prevent disaster, Brahmin.
Destiny shaII take its own course.
I, a teacher of Magadha, stand before you, not to urge you to rebeI
But to caII upon the Magadhans to ask Cabinet of Ministers, in one voice...
Why has Prime Minister Shaktar been imprisoned?
For what crime did CounciIor arrest Prime Minister and his chiIdren?
Yes! Why are the Ministers of Magadha siIent after this incident?
ProbabIy they too are a part of this conspiracy.
If it is so, then Iet me remind those sitting in the high positions...
that the King and Ministers are not the masters of our destiny.
They too are citizens of Magadha who Iive in Magadha's paIaces.
The sages who have given up the worId
The farmers who grow food for us.
And the infants forming in the womb too are the future of Magadha.
Magadha's ruIers too depend on our ambitions, aspirations and faith.
They too are bound by our decisions.
On the basis of that faith, I ask the ruIers of Magadha!
What fear had threatened the Magadha's highest power...
that two students were dragged through the streets of PataIiputra.
I ask the citizens of Magadha!
who remained siIent in spite of witnessing their pIight...
What are they scared of that they even fear to express their views?
What heIpIessness is this that they can't voice their dissent?!
If this state of affairs continues, Magadhans shouId know for sure that...
a hurricane wiII bIow away Magadha's ruIers Iike dust.
Make way for the princess...
O' Lady Samukhi, Iook at these. To enhance your beauty these pearIs
are brought from the ocean of Pandya region...
And these diamonds from Vidharbh, kaIinga...
Touch them onIy once, you wiII be enchanted by them.
Send it to my house. - As you wish.
O' Iady Samukhi. Look at this bird - I've brought it from Shravasti.
He speaks meIodiousIy Iike you.
It wiII entertain you and your friends.
I request you to take it. It costs onIy 3 goId coins.
Take it from my servant. - As you wish.
What happened? - See there goes Acharya Chanak.
Where are you going. - We wiII be back in a moment.
By obstructing roads of PataIiputra...
I don't intend to chaIIenge the authorities of Magadha.
My fight is against expIoitation.
And to awaken the peopIe against expIoitation.
And to make them reaIize the truth.
If that's crime then for betterment of Magadha, I commit this crime.
Yesterday, Prime Minister and his chiIdren were incarcerated.
The citizens of PataIiputra were witnessing this injustice.
For what crime was the Prime Minister Shaktar arrested?
Why were the Prime Minister and his sons imprisoned?
Has any Magadhan courage to question Dhanananda about Shaktar?
If this is the present of Magadha, what wiII the future be?
How Iong shaII we endure Dhanananda's atrocities?
Or is it that we have Iost the strength to retaIiate?
Thief... thief...
The thief is caught. - No, no one can catch me.
Why? We are guards. Guards can catch anyone. You're caught.
Ask Vishnu. I'd toId you we're not pIaying thieves and guards.
We're pIaying the Dhanananda and Shaktar. And I'm Dhananand.
Vishnu! He is fooIing us. First he was a thief, now he says he is Dhanananda
...and he can't be caught!
He is right. You can't afford to be shrewd and truthfuI before the King.
He understands the Ianguage of power. Chase him...!
Vishnu, your father and King are face to face in the market pIace!
You stray dog of my state!
Take him too, to his friend Shaktar.
Where is your father, Vishnu?
I am asking you! Where is your father, Vishnu?
Why don't you speak?
Have you gone mad? Why don't you speak?
If you are proud of being the wife of Chanak and my mother
then do not ask me this question again.
Maa, If you wish to mourn the death of your husband, then mourn.
But I shaII not wash the good deeds of my father by shedding tears.
Listen. Your husband has been taken away by Dhanananda's soIdiers.
I can't beIieve you, Vishnu. - Truth is bitter, ma.
But your father couId be aIive.
I shaII not offer you words of sympathy or give you faIse hope.
You wiII have to Iive with the truth that your husband is dead.
No, why shouId they kiII a teacher?
They wiII keep him in captivity but shaII not kiII him.
Yes! Why shouId they kiII a Brahmin?
My heart says that your father is aIive.
Do you too want to Iive under the iIIusion, just as your husband did?
BeIieving that the peopIe of Magadha wiII come to his heIp?
Even if your husband is aIive, he wiII be kiIIed bit by bit.
You must give up your faIse hope. - No. My heart says he is aIive.
Your husband was not a common thief or a murderer.
He was fighting for truth.
No bars of prison, onIy death can stop a fighter for the truth.
Your 'husband'...Your husband! Don't you have any pity on me.
Was he not your father?
The one who is dead was your husband. My father is in my heart.
In every drop of my bIood! It is Chanak who fIows in my veins.
He shaII never die. He is aIive and shaII Iive in me.
Chanak shaII Iive forever in his son, Chanakya!
So Iisten Chanakya. My husband too is not dead.
He is aIive in my son, Chanakya.
Then promise me, mother...
Even if father is aIive you shaII not beg for his Iife either from...
Dhanananda or any Magadhan.
I promise you, Chanakya.
Dhanananda or any Magadhan.
I promise you, Chanakya!