Wegmans Chicken Marsala

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 07.09.2012

I eat a lot of chicken in my house, I cook a lot of chicken in my house,
so I'm always looking for a quick recipe.
Sautéing chicken is just about the fastest way you can go.
You get great flavor, it cooks quickly,
and you can go in a bunch of different directions with your recipes.
Today I'm gonna show you how to make a very simple chicken marsala.
I've got a pan here, sauté pan.
I'm using nonstick and I'm gonna go ahead
and I'm gonna add some oil to that.
And turn it on high.
And while that oil's heating up,
I've got a couple of boneless, skinless chicken breasts here.
Now, these are thin sliced-- I didn't pound them,
they actually come already sliced thin.
And again, you want that nice, even thickness.
So it's gonna cook evenly and it's also gonna cook quickly.
And I wanna season these very simply with salt and pepper.
And I'm gonna season both sides, 'cause I want that flavor
to be everywhere-- but I'm also gonna dust
with a little bit of pan searing flour.
And you don't need a lot, just a light dusting.
What I always find helps is if you hold it just a little bit higher
above whatever it is you're seasoning and you can
kind of see it just cascades over the top.
You get a nice, even coat.
My oil is starting to smoke, just faintly, and that's what we want.
I'm just gonna give that pan a quick swirl just to make sure
I've got a good coat of oil all over the bottom.
And in goes my chicken.
And that's what you want to hear right away, is that sizzle.
You want that cooking to start immediately
and at this point we're just gonna cook it for a few minutes on this side.
And what we're looking for here is that nice paper bag brown
and then we're gonna go ahead and flip it on the other side.
All right, so this is exactly the color I'm looking for.
This was about two or three minutes on each side.
What I'm gonna do now is just take this chicken out of the pan
and I'm gonna move it over to this platter here.
And in this pan now, I'm gonna start to build my sauce.
So I'm just gonna need just a touch more oil.
And what I have here is four ounces of sliced mushrooms.
I'm using white mushrooms-- I think they're great.
I think they're underrated, but you can use any kind of mushroom you like.
I'm just gonna go ahead, get that in the hot pan.
And I'm gonna start to cook those for a few minutes,
just until they start to soften.
All right, so it's been about eight minutes,
you can see the mushrooms are nice and brown.
They've got really good flavor, they've started to soften up quite a bit.
Now what I'm gonna do is go ahead and I'm gonna deglaze
with some marsala wine.
It's chicken marsala so we have to use marsala.
So I'm gonna take this pan off the flame for a minute.
And I'm gonna add about an ounce of marsala.
And you want that nice sizzle.
And then I'm gonna go back on the heat.
And at this point, I just want that wine to reduce.
I want to concentrate the flavor.
So I just want that liquid to reduce by half.
It's almost gonna get nice and syrupy
and it's gonna flavor the mushrooms.
Okay, so you can see in the pan here
the liquid is almost reduced.
It's nice and syrupy.
We're coming down the home stretch.
I've got some demi-glace here.
I'm just gonna go ahead and use that whole pouch.
Right in there, and I've just got some chopped flat leaf parsley.
Just a little herbal note in there.
I'm gonna give this just a quick stir.
And there's our sauce.
Now our chicken is just seared on both sides,
it's not cooked all the way through.
And the point of this dish is to go ahead
and finish the chicken in this sauce.
So I'm gonna go ahead and take these chicken breasts,
I'm gonna put them right in the sauce.
Just gonna let this cook for, you know, five or six minutes,
cooked all the way through, the flavors are gonna absorb,
and marry, and we'll be eating in no time.
Okay, so it's been about five minutes here, I just want to check the chicken.
Make sure it's up to temperature.
Got my instant-read thermometer.
And that's perfect-- we're looking for 165.
We're ready to go and that's it.
You know, the dish is pretty much ready to go.
I'm gonna go ahead and move it over to this plate.
A lot of things you can serve with this.
I love soft polenta with this dish, something to soak up that sauce.
Maybe just some roasted asparagus.
You could just as easily do pasta, potatoes.
It's a great dish.
Perfectly cooked, nice, tender chicken.
And you want all that sauce right over the top.
There you have it, chicken marsala.
It's a great dish for a weekend, it's a great dish for a weeknight.
Try it at home, I guarantee you're gonna love it.