Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Triple Solenoid Water Valve (Frigidaire Part# 241734301)

Uploaded by partselect on 04.03.2011

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we are going to show you to change the triple
solenoid water valve on your refrigerator. It’s a really easy job all we are going
to need is a quarter inch nut driver, probably an adjustable wrench and a good sharp knife.
Let me show you how it’s done. Now to do this repair, we need to gain access to the
back of the refrigerator. The, first thing we’ll have to do is pull it forward, be
careful not to keep the water on it. Well do far enough that you can disconnect the
waterline up from the refrigerator after you turn the water supply off. Next we’ll disconnect
the cord then we’ll remove the cardboard back panel just to give us a little better
access to the water valve. Just remove the quarter inch hex head screws that secure that
to the back cabinet. Now with a good access to the water valve there are two quarter inch
hex head screws that secure the water valve to the cabinet remove those, slide the water
valve towards you should be enough tubing there to allow you to pull it right out, we
need to loosen some of the tubing from around the condenser, just lift in carefully reposition
At this point we have a water valve out of the back of the refrigerator we’ll take
note of where each of the three wire harness connections go, they are typically color coated,
brown connector going to brown solenoid, yellow to yellow and green to green remove those
now you’ll see we have four water lines going into the bottom of this valve and yours
may be the same as the replacement valve or not if it has a nut type of connection on
the tubing those will be discarded. The new valve comes with a quick connect coupling,
what we’ll have to do is disconnect each of those taking note where they go we’ll
cut off the ends of the tubing so that we have at least three quarters of an inch of
clean clear tubing ready to insert in the new valve. These types of nuts are usually
turned easily by hand if you need to, you can use your adjustable wrench and you’ll
probably get a little bit of water leakage on the floor here so a towel might come in
Discard the old valve and we’ll remove all the nuts from the end of the water tubing
if your refrigerator has that style on it and cut
the tubing. Inspect the tubing to make sure that we have a nice straight cut that there
are no burs or scratches on the side of the tubing. If there are they could potentially
cause a leak with the new valve. You should mark each piece of tubing about eleven sixteenths
of an inch from the end backwards on the tubing just make a mark on there that will be the
point as to how far it should insert into the valve. Take our new solenoid valves, reconnect
the tubing matching up the color codes
press them all the way in you’ll meet a little bit of resistance, but, it should go
in to that line that you have put on the tubing. Now with all the tubing connect securely.
The next thing will be to reconnect the wire harnesses matching up the color codes, make
sure the terminals are lined up straight. As we go to put the valve into the cabinet
with one line this little slot on the mounting bracket with a screw that is protruding in
the inside of the cabinet that will engage that slot.
Reinstall two quarter inch hex head screws hold the valve to the side of the cabinet,
again check to make sure that none of the tubing is kinked or is leaning up against
any of the metal tubing that refrigerant flows in, remove the inlet cap nut we’ll reinstall
our water supply to this point, make sure its tightened firmly with a wrench we’ll
turn on our water supply make sure we have no leaks, if we have no leaks, we’ll plug
the refrigerator back in and push it back into position. That’s just how easy it is
to change a triple solenoid water valve on your refrigerator. Thanks for watching, and
good luck with your repair.