The Life of a Bank Note: From the Lab to Your Wallet - Part 2: Design

Uploaded by bankofcanadaofficial on 08.08.2011

Canada's new polymer bank notes are special
for a number of reasons,
not the least of which is security.
But also for the advanced engineering
and materials incorporated into the design;
for the fact that Canadians had the chance to say
what they wanted to see on them;
and for the artistry of their design
and the skill involved in their production.
To launch a new bank note, we need to address
both the technical and design requirements.
While we recognize that it's important for bank notes
to be functional and secure, they are a form of art as well -
art that we hope will instill pride in all Canadians.
As part of the process, people from across the country
participated in focus groups to brainstorm ideas
for Canada's new bills and were asked to bring along items
that they associated with being Canadian.
Through the consultations we held with Canadians,
we were able to learn what is important to them.
It was interesting to see these various themes
and images emerge and then to reflect them
in the new series of notes.
The integration of security features
with the artistic design makes the notes secure.
Traditionally, engravers used metal and a sharp knife
to engrave the features on bank notes.
But these days, they use digital tools,
special computer software, tablets and styluses.
Our new notes are printed on a material called "polymer."
It has a smooth texture and has allowed us to integrate
many features into the design.
One of the most unique and striking features
is the large, transparent window that can be seen
from each side of the note.
While Canada's polymer bank notes are among
the most advanced in the world,
the Bank is not the first to use such technology.
Their experts drew upon the experience of other
polymer bank note issuers when designing Canada's new notes.
The Bank of Canada didn't go through this process alone.
We consulted with security experts
and searched the world for the most current developments
in bank note design.
We wanted to ensure that our bank notes are state of the art.
It takes years to design bank notes!
That may seem like a long time -
but it's well worth the effort when the final product
is an eye-catching new bank note.
Next time you have one in your hand, take a closer look.
Canada's new polymer notes.
Secure. Durable. Innovative.