Bowling Lessons for Beginners : How to Choose Bowling Shoes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2007

Hi, Glenn Soanes again for and I’d like to talk to you about the types
of shoes that you have at the bowling alley. Whenever you come and bowl at a bowling alley
you want to change into bowling shoes. They have a sliding sole for you to slide so that
you don’t trip over the foul line, bowling in your sneakers or street shoes would be
unacceptable. Bowling shoes come generally in two types, generally there are Velcro and
there are laced up shoes depending upon your preference. Both the soles on these shoes
are smooth leather so that you could slide, they’re left handed or right handed, it
doesn’t matter. As you go and you decide that you want to play bowling, then you can
go into your own shoes. There are multiple types of those, you can get them anywhere.
They generally have one sole that’s smooth and one sole that’s not, in this case the
sliding buckskin and a cevelar sole to give you better pivot. As your game improves you’re
going to want to get your own shoes. The other thing you’re going to want to do is you’re
going to want to wear thicker socks. The shoes that they rent at the bowling allies are worn
by several people, they’re cleaned with anticipated but you’re going to want to
put on thick socks so that you’re comfortable and so that your feet stay cool and that’ll
give you a better performance.