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Uploaded by AdventuresOnTheGorge on 25.05.2011

Hey this is Sam Giles from 96.5 KLR and I am here at Adventures On The Gorge in West Virginia, wild and wonderful.
And brought the family out and we have had a tremendous vacation out here. Done a ton of things. We're actually going to show you some of those things, and kind of include you in our little vacation here at Adventures On The Gorge.
So the first thing we did was the TreeTops Canopy Tour. So we get up, and we get on these zip lines. And we zip, kind of, into the trees, through the trees.
To these canopies that are perched high up in these beautiful Hemlocks and Oaks, and just it's amazing. You are literally in the middle of the canopy in the forest.
And the only catch to the whole thing was that my daughter, 19-year-old Katie, a little afraid of heights, is kind of an understatement, going into it.
By the end of this thing, she was absolutely loving it. She was comfortable in the trees, a little like a monkey. It was kind of cool.
So we're ziplining from platform to platform. They've got bridges that are suspended way up in the air. It's really safe, but there's a feeling of adventure and a true feeling of nature.
It was a oneness with nature. You're kind of inside the canopy. It's truly amazing.
This will probably never happen again so you wanna get a good picture out of this. I highly recommend this. It's good for the heart.
So after the TreeTop Canopy we get up on Gravity. Now Gravity is similar in that you using the zip lines although they're slightly different and they are much longer and much faster.
And you're up above the canopy. You're kind of going from mountain top to mountain top. And some of these were as long as 1,800 feet. Absolutely amazing.
Remember the daughter that I mentioned that was a little scared of heights? She couldn't wait to get on this. She was flying along. we were all having a great time. My wife loved it. I loved it.
We also can't wait to come back. They have a brand new line that they opened. Thirty one hundred feet. It is the longest on the east coast. It is called Adrena-Line, for good reason. I think you're going to like that too.
So after the canopy and the Gravity we were out on the New River, the Lower New. And that was kind of an all-day trip. It was amazing. This was my forth time going down the New River, and it's different every time.
We had high waters. You know we've had a little bit of rain on the east coast the last, I don't know, it feel like six months. But we have had a lot of rain and that made for a little bit different trip than you might get if you came in June or July.
But that's the beauty of going down the New River, it's a little different every day.
We had an amazing guide, Doug; a great guy to ask for. They have a lot of really good guides here that really make the trip
We stopped about mid way, we had a great lunch. They feed you, you get back in.
It's kind of a working tour of the river.
The guide, honestly, does a great deal of it, but you're in there digging hard and pulling yourself through these amazing waves and the rides through the rapids.
I highly recommend it, it's kind of my go to vacation, whitewater rafting on the New River.
So last thing we did was rock climbing. Now that started with us repelling, and you can see I'm not in the best shape of anybody you've ever met.
So repelling was great for me because gravity helps. I wasn't fighting gravity.
Get on that. We went down. The views from the top, from the rock out crops, absolutely amazing.
And again, my daughter, kind of afraid of heights. But she made it down without any trouble. She was really good at it.
Then we got it the climbing part. I got it to, made it to the top, but I had to work hard at it. This part was the hardest I worked all weekend here at Adventures On The Gorge resort vacation.
But, rock-climbing, definitely something you want to put on your "To Do" list.
So when you stay here at Adventures On The Gorge resort, it truly can be as high a level of a resort as you want to make it.
When I've been here in the past, we actually just made day trips out of it or stayed in a nearby hotel. This is so much better.
First of all, you're kind of right on site. You're right on campus and we got to stay in, what amounts to a luxurious setting.
The Outback Deluxe cabins were absolutely gorgeous. Have the hot tub right there. So we got to take the exercise that we put in, that kind of slides away and melts away.
And it was a really nice time. Now let's talk a little bit about the dining. It was astounding. We ate at Buffler's the first day. Breakfast and dinner there.
Award-winning ribs for dinner, very tasty. We had breakfast and dinner at another place here called Smokey's and it is right on the rim of the gorge.
So you're eating this gourmet dinner. You're over-looking the New River Gorge. It is absolutely stunning, and that's the food and the view.
And it's all part of the all-inclusive vacation that we did, that the Giles family did. We didn't have to take out the wallet, the credit cards, the cash, or any of that stuff.
And it's just kind of ready to go. You go in, you eat, you enjoy, you relax. it's wonderful.
And you know what, it's great for families. We had a tremendous time. But you could do this with your golf buddies. You know, guys you get together with on a regular basis.
Or your fraternity brothers, or a bachelor group or a business group, but you definitely get out and bond closer together with all the various adventures that they have here at Adventures On The Gorge.
And I'll tell you what, you know what I'm going to take from this, the most from this vacation? Is I'm going to take the idea of my daughter coming into this really afraid of heights, petrified if you will.
And she came out a much stronger person. She got through everything very successfully. So that as a proud parent, I got to tell you, Adventures On The Gorge resort absolutely my go to vacation.